March has been a month of Papermania here at Rainbow Hare.

I’ve been experimenting with different types of paper – local news, speckled and patterned and an old (not valuable) book – and I have amassed a miscellany of monochrome items including a number of partly made eggs, which will perhaps come in useful for some future Easter…

Celtic Thistle Stitches

I’m linking these makes up with Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches for this month’s New to Me Linky Party because, although I must have attempted to make something with paper mache ever before in my life, it certainly wasn’t this century or any kind of success. The nearest was probably Granny Square’s caravan, which was made with cardboard boxes strengthened by sticking scraps of magazines to the outside but that is all invisible in the finished piece, whereas this time I’ve been trying to use the paper for a decorative as well as a structural effect. Also, I have been using Mod Podge, which is completely New To Me.


This boat was my first ‘proper’ make and I’m really pleased with the mix of paper, fabric and yarn.

And Mrs Hare, whose story ‘The First Day of Spring’ can be found here is the grand finale!

I think that is probably about enough of paper mache for now but it’s been fun making things in a completely different medium.

Another ‘New to me’ is that this is my third post in three days! I don’t expect that will happen again anytime soon. If you have any ‘New to Me’ projects this month, there’s still time to link up with Fiona.

Happy Making with whatever materials you like best!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

11 thoughts on “Papermania

  1. FVITH

    I’m guessing it is also new to you to have a sewing assistant :) You really did a great job with Mrs. Hare. How did you go about making her head?


  2. Carol

    O gosh, I haven’t made paper mache in years…really DECADES. I used to experiment with most any craft back then. Now I don’t do too many new things unless it involves needle, thread or yarn. It looks like you really mastered the paper mache. You are pretty darned good at staging a post too!!
    xx, Carol


  3. soma @

    It is hard to believe that Mrs. Hare is one of your first paper mache projects. She looks incredible! I really love that boat, it is perfect! I like the idea of using paper as a decorative feature. You have really mastered the art of paper mache :)



  4. Benta

    Wow – you’ve certainly got the hang of papier-mâché !!!! I’m reading blog posts backward – I’m looking forward to getting to her story! Xxx


  5. Pru

    Such a lovely blog and what talent you have.

    Thanks for giving me a like, just starting out and juggling plates on sticks… xxx


  6. Kim Sharman

    I cannot believe your boat and Mrs Hare are your first attempts at papier mache. Mrs Hare is a triumph, Janine. She is bewitching…..I can’t stop looking at her. There is something about Mrs Hare face. =)


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