Wool on Sundays – 104 (The sum is more?)


Welcome to Wool on Sundays – 104 and thank you to everyone who visited last week :)


I find this is not the best time of year for yarn. There is so much work in the garden that whenever I’m home and it’s  not raining I feel I should be trying to make some impact on the vegetable plots and the brambles before they start to spiral out of control. And, although we’ve had more frosty  mornings this month than throughout the last Winter, it’s hard to feel enthusiastic about warm jumpers and socks with Spring just beginning to spring. Added to this, we’ve just been away for two days taking my daughter to York and I forgot to take any knitting or crochet with me.

IMG_0103But I come across this rather crumpled UFO, which I never did blog about, although I have shown the hare and flower before. I had an idea a while ago to try some freeform crochet and make this into a picture/cushion cover but I can’t help thinking that the sum is less than all the parts. I can’t 100% decide whether this is just the ‘getting worse before it gets better’ stage or whether carrying on would just be a waste of yarn…I’m 90% thinking unravelling the blue, green and brown and doing something else with the hare and flower is the best way to. Any suggestions are very welcome :)

Have you been working on any yarn projects this week?

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare
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March has been a month of Papermania here at Rainbow Hare. I’ve been experimenting with different types of paper – local news, speckled and patterned and an old (not valuable) book – and I have amassed a miscellany of monochrome items including a number of partly made eggs, which will perhaps come in useful for some future Easter…

Celtic Thistle Stitches
I’m linking these makes up with Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches for this month’s New to Me Linky Party because, although I must have attempted to make something with paper mache ever before in my life, it certainly wasn’t this century or any kind of success. The nearest was probably Granny Square’s caravan, which was made with cardboard boxes strengthened by sticking scraps of magazines to the outside but that is all invisible in the finished piece, whereas this time I’ve been trying to use the paper for a decorative as well as a structural effect. Also, I have been using Mod Podge, which is completely New To Me.


This boat was my first ‘proper’ make and I’m really pleased with the mix of paper, fabric and yarn.

And Mrs Hare, whose story ‘The First Day of Spring’ can be found here is the grand finale!

I think that is probably about enough of paper mache for now but it’s been fun making things in a completely different medium.

Another ‘New to me’ is that this is my third post in three days! I don’t expect that will happen again anytime soon. If you have any ‘New to Me’ projects this month, there’s still time to link up with Fiona.

Happy Making with whatever materials you like best!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare