Wool on Sundays – 103 (Crochet Camera Case)


Welcome to Wool on Sundays and thank you to everyone who linked up and left comments last week :)


My yarn finishes have been a bit thin on the ground lately and this partly because I feel I really should be pressing on with the never ending blanket, rather than starting new projects.

But about two weeks ago, I decided to invest in a new camera. You may remember that when my old camera came back from it’s holiday (without me!) in Sri Lanka, it refused to turn on. I still haven’t been able to find anyone to fix it so I decided to buy this one, a Canon PowerShot, which I saw on sale. It is very small and light so I think it will be a useful addition if I can get my other one working, as that is bigger and heavier and, to be honest, quite a nuisance to cart about all day. The other big appeal to me with the Canon it that it claims to be good in poor light and light in the UK Winters is my biggest problem with taking pictures. A final bonus is that it corrects handsake!

Having made this purchase, though, I’ve been worried about taking it out because it seems very delicate so I decided I’d better make it a case. I used Drops Nepal (aran weight) and a 4mm hook and worked it in the round in dc throughout, except one ‘eyelet’ row (two rows from the top), where I worked dc, ch1 in alternate stitches. It’s quite soft and thick so I hope it will offer enough protection. Although I was aiming for something entirely functional, it did look rather drab and boring so I added a crochet heart and button to brighten it up.

Have you been working on any yarn projects this week?
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Janine @ Rainbow Hare
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5 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 103 (Crochet Camera Case)

  1. Sandra :)

    OH MY GOODNESS what a sweet – and practical!! – camera case! When I first glanced at the photo I thought it was a hot water bottle, and thought to myself … oh my wouldn’t that be soft to have on your tummy or on a sore knee, lol. Then I realized what it really held, and decided that your camera would be well protected in that case, and would look pretty darn good at the same time – that’s a win win :D The heart is the perfect touch :)

    I bought yarn this week! Two really pretty skeins of blue+green variegated yarn for a girlfriend who is having a birthday at the end of the week – she crochets, so I thought she could make something pretty :) I really like the colour – I might get some more the next time I go into the store, and finally try out my round looms :D We thought spring was here but we’re having somewhat of a blizzard for the next day or two, so it’s actually good weather to play with yarn, lol!


  2. Maria

    Your camera case is so cute; love it! I also love that ‘never ending’blanket…it looks stunning!
    In the last few days, I’ve started a new knitting project and have also gone back to working on an older project.


  3. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    That is such a cute little camera case, Janine! Love the heart and the button! I like having the image stabilisation feature, specially in those low light situations. Have fun with your new Canon Powershot. They take wonderful photos. Every time I fuss over not finishing my hexagon quilt, my husband reminds me that it is supposed to be a longterm project. So I keep working on it now and then alongside new projects. I am passing that on to you in case you are getting impatient like me :)



  4. Kim Sharman

    Cute camera case, Janine. How exciting to have a new camera which takes great photos in bad light. Your never ending blanket is looking wonderful. Have fun taking wonderful photos with your new camera!


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