Wandering Camera

Today, I’m linking up with Soma over at Whims and Fancies for her second Wandering camera linky party.

The boy in the boat

Weatherwise, we’ve had a very dull and gloomy month and, since I’ve been without my actual camera, I’ve been rather avoiding taking photos. One morning, however, when there was a break in the rain we took Poppy to the sea. Armed with my phone, I set off into the wind feeling confident of getting some wonderful shots in natural daylight. But, alas, no!

I know lots of people take brilliant pictures with their phones so I must be doing something wrong. Ironically, my indoor pictures were a bit better.


Today is a little brighter so I’m also sharing some peaks of my latest project…

I’m hoping that I’ll soon have my camera back and, with Soma’s tips, my photography may improve!

Janine@ Rainbow Hare

8 thoughts on “Wandering Camera

  1. Kim Sharman

    I must say I am loving your newest project. Does it mean there is a wonderful story penned by you in the works…I hope so. Your Poppy is so sweet. It strikes me every time I see her she is lovely and clean. I must show your photos to my Maisie as to how a Springer Spaniel could look. =) Love the colourful photos of the bright and happy flowers and your wreath with the colourful garland of hearts is so pretty.


  2. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    Thank you so much for linking up to Wandering Camera! Can we expect a story about the boy in the boat! He looks wonderful. Poppy looks carefree at the seaside. I specially love the photo on the bottom left side, she looks like a miniature mare. The flowers are beautiful too, they echo the colours of your wreath. Really well done with your cell phone camera!



  3. Carol

    Your flowers still look great!! I’m lovin’ this little guy in a boat. Too darned cute!! It always amazes me how you stitch those tiny clothes!!

    xx, Carol


  4. Lara B.

    The Boy in the Boat is so sweet Janine. It amazes me that you took those photos with your iPhone. The details are so clear and sharp. Even though the seaside photos look sepia tioned, they are still fun to looks at because who doesn’t love to see a dog having a joyful day?


  5. Celtic Thistle Stitches

    Love the sneak peeks Janine, hopefully you are enjoying better weather now as we are in the North.

    I struggle with taking photos with my phone too, it doesn’t help that in bright sunshine I can’t actually see what I am taking :)


  6. Kaja

    Phone photos can be a bit hit and miss, I find. Some things the phone does better than my camera (try sticking it out the window of a moving car), other things are rubbish. I like your indoor photos though, and the top one of the boy in the boat works really well.


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