Wool on Sundays – 94 (an edge)

Welcome to Wool on Sundays and thank you to everyone who visited or linked up last week.
Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 12.38.07 As a break from the endless blanket and because I wanted to listen to something on the radio and I don’t like to do that empty handed, I tried out a new-to-me edging from my favourite crochet book, Crochet Boheme.
I found it quite fiddly and had a couple of false starts as it involves working six trebles into each stitch on a chain and it is easy to miss them but once I got going it became easier and I love the twiddly effect. I think it would be perfect on the right cushion or pair of curtains…
But if I keep letting myself be tempted by new projects, I’ll never finish the ones I’ve got in progress so I’ll most likely frog it and bear it in mind for some future occasion.
I’m increasingly thinking I need a schedule to prioritise and organise what I’m working on. When you find you have a spare half an hour for crafting, how do you decide what to work on? Do you manage to keep up a good balance between keeping up with a variety of projects and stacking up UFOs?

As usual, of course, I’d love you to link up. The rules are: 1). Posts must include some content – makes or musings or photos – related to knitting, crochet, felting, spinning or yarn. 2). Projects sewn from felt or wool fabric or stitchery using wool are also welcome but please don’t link posts that are exclusively about sewing, quilting and fabrics. 3). Posts don’t have to be from the past week but please put a link to WOOL ON SUNDAYS or grab the button from my sidebar and include it in or at the bottom of any posts you link up. 4). Visit anyone else who links. Wishing you a happy week :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare


9 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 94 (an edge)

  1. Kim

    Oh wow….your twiddly fringing is very cool. I read the instructions…but alas it's another language to me….I must, must learn to crochet. It sounds tricky. Don't “frog” it….it's beautiful. As for deciding what to do when I have a spare 30 minutes, it takes me 30 minutes to decide what to work on, hence another block of time dissipates. =) I am a gal that loves lots of projects stacked up; it makes for a more interesting life and eventually they do get finished. Though of course there are times when I am hell bent on finishing one project.


  2. Sandra :)

    That edging looks like pinecones – I've never seen anything like that – they're quite lovely and would make a really striking embellishment on something large-ish – like curtains!

    I have “kits” downstairs – sewing projects that are cut out ready to sew. If I don't have a plan for what I'm going to work on, or don't feel like working on anything I already have underway, I grab a kit and can get to work right away because everything is there. Generally, I balance out my sewing by working on a “must do” project (i.e. it's due on a certain date, or it's been promised to someone) before working on a “just for fun” project. I have notes on my whiteboard of what projects I need to get done that month, so I usually do that first, then I can “play” with something else :D It doesn't always work out that way, but when I'm behaving, it's how I try to do things :D


  3. FVITH

    How interesting. At that length it looks like a row of cute little piggy tails

    I've just started knitting a jumper (my first ever) and I don't plan on starting any other projects until I am finished. Only time will tell if I keep to that plan :)


  4. Celtic Thistle

    That crochet edging is amazing Janine, it would be a crying shame to frog it! I would love to say that I am organised enough to have projects just waiting to be picked up in any spare 30 minutes, but sadly I am not. Generally I work on whatever suits my mood at the moment, which also accounts for the large number of WIP's hanging around my sewing room at any given time :)


  5. Soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    The fringing looks so pretty, I really like the green colour. Please don't frog it. As for working on projects, I work on what my heart desires at the moment most of the time. With that said, since I hate UFO-s, sometimes I grudgingly make myself work on projects that I should be working on. I am specially lazy when it comes to weaving in yarn after I have finished making something :)



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