So I’m making a Makery…

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet…” That’s always sounded reasonable enough to me. Perhaps being named Capulet or Montague can end up being a matter of life and death but what about these names: Music Room, Study, Craft Room?

In the days of my beautiful, sadly departed Lucy, who understood when the floor was being a design wall and would walk carefully around the edges, it wasn’t much odds what the room was called and I muddled by trying to disguise/use the piano as an extra design wall, and customising a very large bookcase to hide a disorderly collection of fabrics and yarns…

 …and sewing on the kitchen table or the dining table and trying to introduce the concept of ‘Sewing Room’ to my family. But since Mr RH started using the dining table as his office and the cats came…

…and Poppymania hit…

…it has become such a palaver carting my sewing machine and cutting mat and miscellany of sewing paraphernalia (dangerous to or destroyable by small animals) backwards and forwards around the house that nine out of ten days (or more) I decide I’ll just do some knitting or perhaps a bit of crochet…

But the name business has for some reason always bothered me – ‘sewing room’ doesn’t seem quite right to me, since I rarely sew in it and craft room sounds like it should be full of PVA glue and sugar paper like an old school art classroom. Studio sounds more organised and formal than I could ever pull off. Store room is probably the most honest description…

Then, the other day, out of nowhere, came the name ‘Makery’ – what do you think? A place for making. I feel it covers the randomness of all the quilting, sewing, doll making and yarn projects I embark on and I could make a little sign saying:

So I am making a Makery and when it is made I’ll have a proper place to make other things. I have persuaded Mr RH to take the bookcase in place of some very utilitarian racking that he was using for his office books, which has the added the bonus of making our hall look more like part of a house again, rather than a warehouse, and I have painted an old table so my sewing machine can have a permanent place (except for making very large quilts).

I have also painted some wooden shelves I found in the stable for storage…small beginnings but I’m quite excited about it. I’ve never had a really usable room of my own before. Perhaps when it’s ready I’ll throw a little party :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

14 thoughts on “So I’m making a Makery…

  1. Carol- Beads and Birds

    HA! I HAVE a Makery…love that name…but my husband still tells me how nice the dining room looks when I clear my stuff off and remove it to the Makery…lol.

    I like to remind him that he has a detached 3 stall garage that you can't put a car in…a 2 stall attached garage that doubles as his workshop when we move the Element to the driveway AND he stores stuff in my sis's 4 stall garage (we have a 69 Olds Cutlass stored there).
    Happy Easter. Glad you have new space.


  2. Soma Acharya

    Makery? I love it! I didn't have a room until we moved to the new place and I am loving my little room! We will party together with you when your place is all done :)



  3. summer

    lol I love the name MAKERY :) mines called the sewing room but nearly every craft except sewing on the machine is done in there lol love your blog and am now following you. happy making :)


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