Wool On Sundays – 62 (A WIP edition)


Welcome to another Wool on Sundays!

I was very tempted to say “Welcome to another edition of UFO weekly” because, despite my TaDa post last week, the yellow cardigan remains buttonless. I now have some buttons (please don’t judge the colours by the grim photo – outside we are having a seasonal Spring gale!) but instead of sewing them on I did something else.

Really, I know I should have finished the hexie cushion but that too remains untouched. Instead, I started making some granny squares. This is the first project I’ve ever actually made (or properly started making) with granny squares and I feel as if it’s something of a right of passage. Many times I’ve read posts and articles beginning with: “Even if all you can crochet is a granny square…” as if the granny square is the essential first step to becoming a real crocheter. Perhaps it is. Perhaps if I finish it it I’ll start feeling like a real crocheter but I doubt it. I feel like a real knitter and a real sewist and, come to think of it, a real everything else I do, but with crochet I definitely feel like a real beginner muddling by, holding my hook all wrong, misreading patterns and charts and somehow, by a miracle, I end up with something colourful that bears no technical scrutiny but which cheers me up no end :)

I’m using the same colours as the hexies but I didn’t want it to be to matchy matchy so I started by only using bright colours for the centre rounds and blues, greens and whites for rounds 2 and 3. But I couldn’t bear the dullness so I allowed yellow as a round 3 colour and  then permitted some brights in round 2. I don’t know why I make up all these colour rules – I always break them. I think they have ended up fairly distinct from the hexies but not so very different as I planned. Once the cushion is finished it will be easier to tell.
For the back of the cushion, I’m using some left over granny squares. I think I’m going to go into stripes now though…



What do you have in progress (or finished) this week?
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10 thoughts on “Wool On Sundays – 62 (A WIP edition)

  1. baukje

    I love the grannies. Do i need to post on sunday or could it be anotherd ay?????? I think posting wool on sunday gives me some structure to do a blogpost every week . Sometimes i really have no blogging mojo ……


  2. Jayne

    I love your granny squares so much! One day, I will learn to make them as they just look so wonderful and are so versatile. I don't want you to finish your granny square project as then we won't get to see them any more!


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