Keep Calm and Break Things…

I’d hate for you to think that I’m one those irritating people who comes along citing silly proverbs about breaking eggs when they know quite well you had no intention of making an omelette…

But this is a post in praise of the breaking of things. I don’t know about you but I find breaking things extremely difficult. I can sometimes trick myself into it under the guise of ‘altering’ or ‘upcycling’ or in some way giving a new lease of life to things that are basically beyond repair…I can unravel yarn projects because I know that just gets back to square one but I can barely snip into fabric for fear of wasting or ruining it and the idea of of deliberately cutting up or breaking apart something that is perfectly good and has nothing much wrong with it fills me with horror!

But it’s never too late to change and I’ve made a start! Once upon a time I had two quilts – you may have seen them here and here
And now I have a festive winter tablecloth. It now measures 96″ x 60″ (so it’s actually a better size for a bed quilt than either of the others if we get fed up of it in the kitchen) and an edge of the one that used to be on the sofa and got very faded has been cut off leaving me with enough spare to make a new ironing board cover and some pot holders.
I also have a quilty Friday Finish in the first time in months and the small cloth people are fully dressed in their winter clothes and ready for a midwinter story, though whether I can manage that by midwinter is another question.
Happy Sewing Sewing and Happy Holidays!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

13 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Break Things…

  1. Sarah Goer

    I love the quilt as a tablecloth. Your story reminded me of the lady who got me into scrapbooking. She was a Creative Memories consultant at the time, yet she had never made a page (and still hasn't nearly 20 years later) because she just can't bring herself to cut a photo.


  2. Kim

    So glad that your li'l cloth people are no longer chilly! That festive Winter table cloth of yours is gorgeous. Love the li'l glimpse of your Christmas tree! It's a stunner! May your Christmas be decorated with much love as you celebrate with your loved ones, Janine!


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