OLD WOOL + A WINTER STORY (A Granny Square Post)


Some people say Granny Square is as old as the hills. Some say she has certainly been around since the first person took up the first ball of yarn and the first bent hook and began working a patchwork blanket in brightly coloured wool – or perhaps she was that person?

The only one who might be older than Granny Square is her friend Old Wool. Old Wool is special because he spins himself, saving Granny Square the bother, so she can knit or crochet, in whatever colour she likes, straight from his back.
And he is special because the more Granny Square knits from Old Wool, the more his Wool grows. 
But most of all he is special because Granny Square loves him.
Some people say that Old Wool mustbe older than Granny Square because Granny Square couldn’t live without her hook hooking or her needles clicking…But some people say that Granny Square knitted Old Wool…
If you ask them about it, Granny Square and Old Wool will look at each other in a knowing way and the conversation will change to something quite different…

* * * * *


When Old Wool went to visit his relations over the hills and far away, he left Granny Square a shed full of wool…

…and all Summer long she sat outside in her garden and knitted and crocheted to her heart’s content.
“When do you think Old Wool will come back?” asked Purl, one day.
“Soon, I should think,” said Granny Square, “He’s never been gone for this long before”.
Autumn brought warm winds and rain and, whenever they visited Granny Square, Knit and Purl fetched her wool from the woodshed and then Granny Square sat inside her caravan and knitted and crocheted to her heart’s content.
“When do you think Old Wool will come back?” asked Knit.
“I’m sure he won’t be much longer, now,” said Granny Square.

December brought even more rain and, when the time came for Granny Square to put out all the toys and scarves and mittens and socks and jumpers and cardigans, and who knows what else she had made, for the elves to take to Father Christmas, she had to put them in plastic bin liners for fear of them getting ruined.

“I do hope the elves come before the dustman,” said Knit.

“I’d better put a note on them,” said Granny Square, “and then I will make something for you two. Run along to the wood shed and choose whatever colours you like.”
In a few minutes, Knit and Purl were back with a smallish ball of navy blue wool.

“Is that your favourite?” asked Granny Square.

“It’s all there is left,” said Purl.

“Oh dear!” said Granny Square, “I do hope Old Wool comes back before the cold weather sets in…”

“I wish the cold weather would set in,” sighed Purl, “it’s nearly Christmas and there’s no sign of snow…”

And the dark days before Christmas crept by and Granny Square knitted navy blue socks and stockings for everyone and, finally, the rain stopped raining but Old Wool still wasn’t back there was still no sign of snow. 

And Granny Square did her Christmas baking…

And Knit and Purl wrote to Father Christmas…Dear Father Christmas, Please may I have a sledge and some snowwrote Knit. Dear Father Christmas, Please will you bring Old Wool and some snow wrote Purl.

And then they made cards and wrapped presents and decorated the Christmas tree…

And, at last, it was Midwinter – the shortest, darkest day of the year. Granny Square went to look in the woodshed again. She looked through all her knitting baskets. She looked up at the sky and she looked to the hills. She had better put up the Christmas decorations…Suddenly she felt very old and tired.

“Almost Christmas,” she said to herself, “and no wool and no snow…”

Granny Square woke up and stretched.  Eleven o’clock! I must have dozed off, she thought, and it sounds like someone is at the door.

Old Wool!
“First we must have a cup of tea,” said Granny Square “and then we have work to do!”

“Are you ready?” asked Old Wool.
“Indeed!” Said Granny Square.
And in the morning, when everyone in Woolton woke up, the whole world was white.
But when Knit and Purl arrived, some time after breakfast, they found the caravan in silence and Granny Square and Old Wool were fast asleep.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

A special Thank you to Benta for providing the snow :D

Christmas photos to follow – hopefully! But, in case I don’t manage that, thank you very much to everyone who has followed my Granny Square series this year and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(Wool on Sundays will be up later today)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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11 thoughts on “OLD WOOL + A WINTER STORY (A Granny Square Post)

  1. Claire Earley

    Oh how I love your Granny Square stories, thank you so much for writing & sharing them with us :) I think as many have mentioned that they would make great books for children & adults too ;-) I'm sure there must be a friendly publisher out there who love yarn as much as we do who would love to publish your stories.


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