Ho, Ho, Ho!

Now, all of a sudden, 
A Merry Ho, Ho 
Said, “It’s time to knit warm 
Winter woollies you know.” 
And I said, “ It’s only 
The middle of May 
The Summer is coming 
So please go away! 
I haven’t the right sort 
Of wool anyway.” 
But that Merry Ho, Ho, 
He would not go away! 
The Merry Ho, Ho found 
Some red and white yarn, 
Some needles, a pattern 
From studio Garn… 
“Just knit stripes,” he argued, 
“You’ll have an excuse 
For a blog post inspired by
The great Dr Seuss,” 
I knitted and knitted 
All day and all night 
Until he agreed that 
That I had enough stripes. 
You may think (Ho, Ho, Ho!) 
They look quite a treat, 
Except they’re six sizes 
Too BIG for her feet! 
You may think (Ho, Ho, Ho!) 
She’s made a mistake! 
But really, these are just 
My first Christmas make – 
My first Christmas make of 
The year, don’t you know? 
So I’m saying: Thank You 
Ho, Ho, Ho And On We Sew :) 

I’m linking this post with Buttons and Paint for the Ho, Ho, Ho And on We Sew linky Party. I’m ashamed to say that, although I was enthusiastic about making Christmas items throughout the year back in January, this is the first time I’ve had anything to link up. Hopefully now I’ve got started I’ll keep it up!

And, because I don’t expect to ever have such an eccentric post here again, I’m going to tell my favourite Dr Seuss story. I have no idea whether it’s true or not but I’d like it be…

Apparently, Dr Seuss found himself sitting next to a brain surgeon at a dinner party and the brain surgeon asked him what he did for a living. Dr Seuss explained that he wrote books for children. The brain surgeon was quite interested and said that he thought he might like to write a children’s book when he had a bit of free time. Dr Seuss replied that when he had some spare time he was thinking of trying a bit of brain surgery…

Happy Making, Christmas or otherwise :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

If you are looking to link up with my Wool on Sundays post, it is here, btw.

14 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Ho!

  1. Sandra :)

    I think you should make EVERY post like this one – I was reading it out loud in a rhyming Seussy voice … I wanted to reply in kind but …

    Tired I am, so straight I shall be,
    Seussing right now, is quite beyond me.
    The poem is great!
    And the sox are as well …
    I have two huge feeties …
    they'd fit me real swell!



  2. Celtic Thistle

    Brilliant post Janine :) Glad to see that the Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew Link Party was the motivation to get these started. Looking forward to seeing more Christmas gifts in the months ahead!


  3. Kim

    It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how….and those striped socks of yours Janine, have oodles of WOW!! Love, love, LOVE this post!! 'Tis brilliant. Though I did wonder if I had woken from a deep comatose slumber and it was Christmas already…..so relieved that there are 219 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes and 5 seconds to go!!! ;0


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