Yarn Finishes, A Little Sewing and Two Caravans

This has been a week of yarn finishes, here at Rainbow Hare and my sewing friends have probably seen enough of these but I’m posting them again because I’d like to link up with Tami’s Amis for Fo Friday

First a crochet finish – the stats for this crochet blanket are all in last week’s Wool on Sunday post.

 And then a knitting finish, which is also my first christmas make of 2014! (Dr Seuss inspired version here).

I also have a little sewing finish. I’ve been meaning, for a very long time, to put together a pattern for a six inch cloth doll (six inches being roughly 1:12 scale so ideal for dolls houses and secret projects in progress!). I’ve made this one as a sort of prototype and I’m just going to make a couple of small changes to the construction and then move on to hair and clothes.

And finally, I have two very exciting projects to show you, which were made with my Vintage Caravan Sewing Machine Pattern.

This beautiful one was made by M J Parke. M J has has used flower buttons as lights instead of the bunting, which I think is a great idea…

… and I love her colour choices and the spare wheel!

And this wonderful cover was made by Trina King. Another beautiful colour scheme and I love the quilting texture on the grey.

Thank you very much, M J and Trina for sending me these pictures and giving me permission to share them :)

Happy Friday!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

I’m linking this post with TGIFF which is being hosted today by Georgia Girl.

15 thoughts on “Yarn Finishes, A Little Sewing and Two Caravans

  1. Sandra :)

    What a great picture post – so much fun to see! The caravans are just adorable – I wouldn't be surprised if the design details were inspired by caravans they own or owned :D Dolly looks ready to hop into her caravan – she's probably a bit surprised to see the camera capturing her in flagrante delicto :D (Speaking of dollies, I spotted a dolly on Pinterest, whose hair was made from pom poms – I've been dying to try that – it looks so cute!) The socks are, of course, quite lovely … but that crochet blanket is the star, and looks perfect on the bench – a most delightful finish!


  2. Kim

    I never tire of looking at your gorgeous crochet blanket!! Wow, that doll is tiny…your caravan looks gargantuan in the background. The two caravans stitched by the two ladies are gorgeous…..'tis lovely to see each one's different li'l details.


  3. junacreationsuk.blogspot.co.uk

    Gorgeous blanket, so many colours to pique your interest.
    The caravans are lovely, it is interesting to see people's interpretation of a pattern. I've still to start mine, but with a wedding, a 50th and an 18th coming up things are a bit manic.


  4. Soma Acharya

    The caravans look amazing!! They really are so much fun. When I finally make a sewing machine cover for mine, you know what I will make. Also, I always enjoy looking at your projects even if they are repeats :)



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