Makery Makeover

I’ve finished the quilty project I mentioned earlier in the week so I’m linking up with TGIFF for the first time in ages. This is part of my sewing room makeover and is my January attempt to use up what I’ve got and upcycle.


For quite a while, I’ve been begging and borrowing (I haven’t actually stolen any although that would make for a more interesting post) a certain size of wine box that happens to fit very neatly inside the bookcase in my sewing room. They are  ideal for keeping fabrics/yarns and projects in. They do a  great job of keeping everything organised and avoid having plastic containers (I know that plastic is the storage solution of choice for just about everyone this century but I really dislike plastic). But I have to admit the overall effect is a bit of a mess :(

So, in the spirit of my USP post, I decided it was time was to do something about it. Using up some leftover backing from this quilt, an odd sized piece of (new) sheeting and a vintage sheet (for backing) that has seen better days as a sheet/ a duvet cover and a decorating dust sheet, I made four quilted panels and now the bookcase is looking like this.

And this is what  I have left over.


One very usable piece of cheerful polka dot fabric, some scraps that I’m sure will come in handy for something AND a Friday Finish!
Apart from that, today two men spent a long time doing something at the top of a telegraph pole outside our house that stopped our phone working. Now we seem to have a fully functioning internet connection for the first time in weeks – fingers crossed. Of course, it’s still raining but even in that it’s some consolation that my moaning is now being backed up by the MET Office.
Happy Days :)
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

13 thoughts on “Makery Makeover

  1. Deb@asimplelifequilts

    Brilliant solution! I have grown to appreciate concealed storage ever since I changed quilting rooms last year… I am so much more productive with just my design wall and clear surfaces. Drawers, bins, scrapbook boxes and baskets please! With a side of plastic behind closed doors.


  2. Benta AtSLIKstitches

    Thats a fab idea – I thought you might be covering the boxes, but this works really well!

    Not sure why, but I couldn't read this post on my phone, it was too wide! But when I tried to push the screen sideways it went to the next/previous post x


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