jelly roll strips

I spent my formative years standing on a table with my mother (who I should probably mention at this point was a tailor) sticking pins into me!

And I learnt two things.

One was to stand still.

The other was to think of fabric like gold dust. We always had a scrap bag and I would search out tiny slithers of silks and velvets from wedding and bridesmaid dresses, which had been pinned and tacked and fitted and adjusted until they were the perfect size for their wearer before they went anywhere near a sewing machine. Everything was organised and done precisely and methodically and nothing was wasted.


My own sewing adventures began with dressmaking, toy making and home decor projects. Then for a spell I taught knitting and embroidery to primary school children. Then a long time passed during which I did the odd bit of knitting/sewing/cross stitch now and then but nothing much. Then nearly, two years ago, I began this blog and started quilting…

In all that time we’ve moved house six times, things have been packed and unpacked, lost and found, my children have grown up…And for some reason I have always carried a fear of wasting fabric.

embroidery threads

But I’ve never had my sewing things properly organised.

So yesterday, in search of my lost mojo, I decided it was time to have good sorting out and I was amazed at what turned up!
A random mixture of haberdashery – old and new, some good quality and some doubtful but certainly more than enough to keep me busy for a long time.
tapestry wools

And I have now re-sorted my smallish stash of fabrics into cardboard boxes on a bookcase – warm colour prints/ cool colour prints/ neutrals/ solids/ non-quilting – so I consider myself to be, at last, in possession of a fully functioning sewing room where I can spend sewing time actually sewing, rather than searching for things. 

And did my mojo turn up?

I think so.

Maybe not too surprisingly, it seems to have been lured out by that old waste-not-want ideal. I’m thinking of doing something with curtain lining (yes I know I should have thrown it away!) to turn the piano into a design wall…

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

8 thoughts on “Waste-not-want-not!

  1. Karen

    there you go! I so so so love digging through sewing baskets, sewing boxes and such at second hand stores but not so much in my own room :) I hope that curtain lining works for you! You will love a design wall


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