The Power of Crowds

This blackbird, who has a nest in one of our hedges, has been happily singing in the rain a lot lately!

But bad gardening weather is good sewing weather and I have an unexpected finish this week! It’s going to be my May entry for the Color Palette Challenge – and it’s finished two weeks early – yay!

Luckily, today was fine so I was able to get a photo. Its my first ridiculously big wall hanging that’s too small for a lap quilt and my first random grid/net quilting (bad pun I know)…

…but the most interesting ‘something new’ I tried this week was spray basting. And I think I’ve been converted! My only reservation was that I thought I’d best wash the glue out asap so I’ve ended up with antique/crinkly effect which I quite like for a quilt but I’m not so sure about for a wall hanging.


I considered calling it ‘The Wisdom of Crowds‘ but I’m not altogether convinced by James Surowiecki‘s theory so I’ve decided to call it ‘The Power of Crowds instead’.

The rest of my Wip hasn’t changed much:

No progress:
Unicorn Stars Quilt
Flora Quilt
Pernillas Parrots

Spiralling Stars
The Power of Crowds



Spiralling Stars
The Power of Crowds

This week’s stats:
Completed projects – 2
New projects – 2
Currently in progress – 3

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26 thoughts on “The Power of Crowds

  1. Marjorie's Busy Corner

    This is a great quilt! I have never seen one like it; and I find it quite intriguing….thank you for visiting my post today and commenting. I enjoy reading all of them. The FM foot…I discovered it split right in the seam between the part that screws on the machine and the post. I believe a thread tangle may have caused it last week. That is the first time it acted up. So it is in the garbage…get a new one…lol


  2. Benta At SLIKstitches

    That's fab! I really like that the little fish are in the shape of a big fish! I always spray baste – life is too short not to take advantage of shortcuts!! Yesterday was sunny, but today is grey again, but at least not raining, yet! Have a good day


  3. Lucy @ Charm About You

    This brought a great smile to my face!! Love those fishes and the genius net quilting :)
    Great name too and I'm not convinced about the wisdom of crowds either (although I've not read the book!!) I taught sociology and crowds usually act in the worst ways!!


  4. Patti

    Love your quilt, Janine and good luck in the May Challenge. I know what you mean about spray basting for wall hangings! I don't tend to use it when it's something reasonably small.


  5. Pat

    Oh WOW! I love the colors and design. I think I need a wall hanging like this to hang in my office at work…I wonder if my boss would get the message??!! ;)


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