Lots of Link Ups

I hope everyone had a good weekend. If you’ve come from Lynne’s at Lily’s Quilts, welcome! If not, do pay her a visit and see and see what everyone else has been making. I can’t believe it’s another Fresh Sewing Day already!

The mosaic maker and I are having some issues today so my fresh sewing finished projects from February are below:

colourful plus cushion
small wonky star sewing case tutorial


Scrap Attack Finish!

Little Things

Ruby Butterfly

I thought I’d got nothing done but this is looking quite respectable after all! Clicking on the captions will take you to the posts for these projects so I won’t talk about them here.

The pin cushion and needle cases are my January Monthly Makes with the Felt Fairy. If you’re not joining in with this already, I really recommend paying a visit to the Felt Fairy. It’s a great incentive to get something finished every month and lots of people seem to link up with very lovely small projects.

Apart from the Ruby Butterfly quilt these were all started this month so they are also NewFOs so I’m also linking up with the Cat Patches for the NewFO Challenge 2012. The linky is open for the rest of the week and you can you can link anything you’ve started this month – it doesn’t need to be finished!

And finally here are three more NewFOs and they are also colour challenge pieces:


This is my belated entry for January’s colour – red – in M-R’s Colour my World Challenge at Quilt Matters. January was red and February is purple and, since I had missed the beginning of this challenge,  I wanted to make something red to catch up. Having thought about ‘red’ for a few days without any inspiration, I decided to make a plus cushion with some reds I had left over from the Ruby Butterfly quilt. Hopefully by the end of today this will be a cushion!


This my February (purple) entry for M-R’s Colour my World Challenge at Quilt Matters which I made using kona classic charms and some fabulous scraps I won from Hadley at Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle as part of Lucy’s Fugly Fabric Party. I really recommend visiting Quilt Matters today to see all the purple sewing. M-R has been working on a truly amazing tulip which she is going to reveal today.



This is my submission piece for the February Color Palette Challenge. As I mentioned yesterday, although I said last Wednesday ‘I may just have to let the Color Palette Challenge go by this month’, at the weekend I thought I’d like to try something so I found all the purple/green/orange I had and made some x and + blocks. Then I thought I’d add a bit of appliqué…It’s certainly not finished and to be honest I think it’s going from bad to worse! I think some more embellishment might help but I’m not sure I’m ever going to like this piece. I’d certainly be interested to hear any suggestions but I think I might just abandon this and come back to it one day if inspiration ever strikes.

What have you been working on this month?

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21 thoughts on “Lots of Link Ups

  1. Cindy

    I love the last quilt you showed. The contrast between the colors in the piecing and the realism of the applique is stunning. I don't think you need to bling it up with embellishments….just sit back and let it talk for itself.


  2. Annabella

    Where to start? Such lovely makes. I especially love your appliqued x and y blocks. I have a lovely pincushion just like that. Great scrap attack quilt – I`m hoping to rustle one up in time to link up. Great makes!


  3. Vivian

    Your color palette piece is wonderful! For something that started out as an afterthought, you really achieved a real work of art there!

    I'd love to see it embellished but don't force it, let more inspiration come the same way it started. It can only get better!


  4. M-R

    Yay, you joined the Colour My World Challenge. Your red piece uses red values beautifully, Janine! I also love how your purple piece uses warm and cool purples so well. Thanks for joining in, Janine — I love seeing all the different ways the participants are interpreting the colours. Such a great variety! As for the rest of your pieces, you are on fire! Beautiful!


  5. Erin

    You sure are a busy person wink :) I love everything you did and the Color Palette Challenge -you thought you might not get February's done? It's wonderful!


  6. Katie

    You did great last month! I really like your February challenge piece. Especially the subtle applique you put on it. I'm determined to finish mine for March before the end of the month. Do you have any ideas for that palette yet?


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