A Question?

I’ve just had a virtually blog free week but not a sewing free one. This is what I’ve been working on and I would love to hear any really honest views on what vibes this sends out. By that I mean I don’t want you to be polite or to try to be nice. But I would appreciate hearing how you genuinely feel in response to it – positive or negative – or maybe suggest a name for it. (I’m sorry the photos aren’t great  but I’ve only just finished it and it’s dark!) I’ll make a proper post about it next week.

18 thoughts on “A Question?

  1. Katie

    I'm awful at naming quilts, but I'll give you my 2 cents. I like way way the heart is quilted, it looks like it's radiating outwards, like a big old bunch of love coming from the middle of it. I probably would have echo quilted inside the heart, or cross-hatched, but the way you did it works do much better, to give the effect it does! I think it's quite beautiful!


  2. LynCC

    Trying again –

    I really love this piece, particularly your hand quilting. Excellent use of directional stitches, with the lines emanating from the heart of the sun, in the rays, and even the corners. Balanced nicely by the more circular portions and gentler waves of the yellow ring. And your choice of thread colors is inspired – you have a real talent with that~! (I remember your rabbit that I loved so much, and this makes me think of it because of your distinctive thread work.)


  3. M-R

    Janine, it's beautiful. It's warm and comforting and it feels like this would be a gift of love to someone who might need to be cheered up. It's clear that a lot of thought and care has gone into the making of this. Thanks for linking this up to TGIFF!


  4. Benta At SLIKstitches

    It's a very happy piece, lovely colours and very easy on the eye. I'm teaching a very modified version of mola quilting next month, and am going o take a pic of yours along too, although its not mola, it has the same vibrant colours and simple stitching that really works well. (um, I hope it's ok to use your pic!!!)


  5. Archie the wonder dog

    I love it! It feels warm, like a comforting embrace, and like it's sending out calming and loving thoughts to someone who needs it. No idea what to call it (my quilts don't get names unless 'the blue quilt', 'the bed quilt' count as names?!) but I'll pop back if an idea strikes!


  6. mammafairy

    Everyone else is coming up with really good names, better than I could .
    I know you want honesty, so, here is my ha'porth.
    It is a lovely 'naive' style. The clean colours, the contrast and the style of directional stitching give a youthful, enthusiastic feel to the piece.
    I would see it in the context of a childrens playroom, or infant school, or in a club aimed at under tens. It would also be perfect to bring a smile and a warm fuzzy feel to a hallway, to be come across unexpectedly, or as a burst of joy as you come in the front door.


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