Scrap Attack Finish!

I’ve finished my first scrap quilt! I made this Fugly Scrap quilt for the The Scrap Attack Quilt-Along at Stitched in Colour. It finishes at 42 inches square and apart from a couple of Jelly Roll strips this was made entirely from scraps and this was all that I had left over…

For the binding I used all of a 10 inch long x width of fabric piece of red polka dot fabric, which wasn’t really a scrap but I think I bought it as a remnant. This wasn’t enough to mitre the corners but I think it turned out ok. But the backing is a new piece of sheeting and the wadding is new. I suppose, technically, that only makes it a half scrap quilt. I’m not in love with this quilt but it certainly turned out better than I expected and I think I may have been bitten by the scrapping bug! Now I just need some more scraps – or maybe a new definition that would let me use bigger pieces of fabric. How do you define a scrap?

11 thoughts on “Scrap Attack Finish!

  1. M-R

    Very cute quilt, Janine. Yay for using up all those scraps! That's a beautiful binding too! I define a scrap as anything that can't be used significantly in another quilt – so anything less than 1/4 yardage or smaller. I'm curious what other people say too!


  2. Kelli

    I don't think it's fugly! I think it turned out really cute. I love scrappy things, and I esp. love that binding. I usually consider anything that's already been used in something as a scrap. Or something I bought for something but it didn't work.. that might go straight to scrap status. I'm a liberal scrapper. ;) xo


  3. Katie

    I like how this turned out.

    My definition of a scrap changes day to day. Sometimes I throw a fat quarter sized piece in my scrap drawer, and other days I put that same size back with my yardages.


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