Little Things

Do you ever find there are little things that continually annoy you but that you somehow never get around to dealing with?

I don’t mean things that are really irritating or things that would take a lot of time, money or energy to deal with – just small things that are irksome and that you could fix in about 10 minutes but that that you never see to get around to?

When I first came back to sewing and started this blog the first thing I made (apart from a few blocks) was this little pin cushion based on Mary’s Tiny Cottage Tutorial at Molly Flanders.

At the time I was quite pleased with it but, every time I use it – which is a lot! – I find it really irritating because it ends up like this…

I don’t expect this happens to Mary, but my little house just will not stay upright!

I have been thinking I’ll make myself another one since forever but I always end up doing something else instead. Until now. I have finally stopped thinking about it and done it…

This is simply two hexies, left over from Lily’s Hex-a-long, stitched together, stuffed with scraps of wadding and decorated with a button. And the best thing is it’s flat. It doesn’t wobbly about, it can’t fall over, it has made sewing a delight!
In the background you can see a sneak peak of something else I’ve finished this week but I’m going to save that for TGIFF tomorrow.
What have you been thinking about this week?

10 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Crafty Bags

    Lovely and colourful pin cushion I like the first one too. I like the colourful pins. half of my pins are bent in my pin cushion

    I need to get stronger sharper pins.

    I and hubby are on holiday in wales untill next week. We will see both our daughters there. We had a lovely surprise a car a Renault was bought for us. I will take a photo and blog about that soon.


  2. Lucy @ Charm About You

    I have a very old pincushion (one of those ones with little people around the outside) it's colourful so I like it but every time I use it I contemplate making another one!! I'm telling myself it's retro though!
    Yours are super cute!


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