A Record Number of Finishes!

I’m linking today with  Rebecca Lynne For Thursday Think Tank.  and TGIFF at Sparrow In Flight 

I’ll begin with TGIFF because I’ve finished so many things this week – I think it must be my record!

1. The red and white cushion.

2. These little birds, using a tutorial from  Spool Sewing  
3. Two pot holders (click here tutorial).
4. A large pot holder using up some Laura Ashley Toile fabric which I made a window seat from about fifteen years ago!

5. A pair of oven gloves….

And now merging into TTT – I’ve decided, this week that life is just too short to be making oven gloves! 

My daughter said she needed a pair and I thought I’d whip them up in no time. But no. I used insulbrite. It is recommended that this is used with at least one layer of cotton batting and I read a comment from a lady who said she always uses two layers. So I thought to myself ‘No daughter of mine is going to get burnt taking pots out of the oven!’ This was a little disingenuous because we normally just grab a tea towel but, nevertheless I cut out my layers of 2 x fabric, 1 x insulbrite and 2 x cotton batting plus 2 more layers of fabric with 1 layer of insulbrite for the pieces that go on top of your hands. Now, with hindsight, I think that lady either had shares in cotton batting or uses something considerably thinner than Hobbs heirloom.

My sandwich was about an inch thick. I could barely get it under the foot of my sewing machine, although when I switched to my walking foot for the binding (I usually resist using it, except for full quilts because it’s so fiddly to screw on) I was impressed with how well it managed.
And the binding round the curve took forever, with all sorts of easing and little gathers. Now I know why the ‘bias’ part of bias binding is important!
Luckily, I think the buttons saved the day but I’m resolved never again to spend an entire morning making something I could buy for about £5 unless I’m enjoying it.

Another quick thought is about this WIP.

It’s difficult to see in the picture because the blocks are laid on a bed and they are blending into the duvet cover but I’m making some small blocks to go in the gaps and it will look, roughly like this…

Now, although I did some fmq on the red and white cushion, I’m not up for attempting that on this (it’s going to be 70-80 inches square) so I’m thinking parallel straight lines but I’m wondering about using a medium blue/grey thread – just to make it a bit different. If anyone has lasted to the end of all this, I’d be glad to know you think :)

14 thoughts on “A Record Number of Finishes!

  1. Craft Couture by T.C.

    You've had such a productive week..I wish I could finish so many projects in a week like you. :)
    love what you mentioned about the oven glove..'No daughter of mine is going to get burnt taking pots out of the oven!' That's too cute! ;)


  2. Marjorie's Busy Corner

    everything is lovely..the quilt is going to be beautiful…the straight lines would be very nice…and the coloured thread too…you do want your quilting to stand out….right? If you want it to blend and just get the effect; got with white…


  3. Foolish Feathers

    Oh I so cracked up about your post. I have heard about how many layers they “recommend” and I think you are right, they really must have stock in cotton! I don't know how you ever managed it, that is why I still have not yet made ourselves a pair. I think you did a fantastic job on the birdies, simply LOVE them! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF this week via my Blog!


  4. Patti

    So glad I read this before making Christmas oven gloves!! I think I will just buy some new ones.
    Your birds are wonderful, as are the pillows. You sure have had a busy week!


  5. JanuaryT

    I love the pillows! The pinwheel pillow is my favorite. I have a thing for red and white right now. How cute are the birds!! I might have to make some for our Christmas Tree. You got so much done this week! That is amazing, great job!


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