Small Brown Hare

Yesterday, I paid a visit to my nearest quilting shop. At first, I was disappointed not to find more modern fabric, although I was very pleased to find a bendy quarter inch wide ruler which I think will be perfect for cutting curved shapes for piecing. Then I bought what was probably the most traditional thing in the shop!
I have never worked with 100% wool felt before and it was wonderful – it felt thick and solid and reminded me of old wool coats.
And this morning I made a small brown hare. He is 6 inches long and I made a heart to hang under him and joined on a bell that I had left over from making some hanging birds last week.

As my photos have been so dire lately, when the sun came out I thought I’d try some out door shots. But it was very windy!

Small brown hare blowing
this way…
…and that.
This way…
…and that.
Higher than the house!
Safe inside.
I thought I’d better bring him back in before he blew into the pond!
Of course you can guess what I was really doing. I was putting off finishing that blue and white quilt!
I have made quite a lot of progress on it since last week. I’ve only got two more strips of blocks to piece and then it will be ready for basting and quilting. But, for some reason, I’m finding it really hard to get on with it. I shall be so glad when it’s finished.
So my WIP for this week is:
New – 1 (Small Brown Hare)
Completed – 1 (Small Brown Hare)
In progress -1 (Blue and Cream Quilt)
Currently in Progress – 1 (Blue and Cream Quilt)

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