Bad Sewing Week :o(

Well this has been a bad sewing sewing week – in both senses of the word.

It started off all well and fine with lots of very enjoyable browsing of everyone else’s blogs and lots of looking at the wonderful pictures everyone has been posting on Cindy’s Mug Rug/ Goodie Swap Flickr Group. Then Autumn blew in with such violence it raised the vegetable plot to ground and all the time I had ear marked for sewing had to be spent slicing beans for the freezer (although on the bright side at least that’s finished for the year now).

Then I managed to make my first ever mug rug and I thought things were looking up…

So I started another one – not really my colours but so far so good and I was planning to put a simple mug on it…
Then I realized I’d mixed up my two partners’ likes and this was partner one’s colours but it was partner two who likes geometrics – partner one likes florals. So, and I don’t know why I assumed this would be such a simple feat but, having done a little more stalking, I decided a simple solution would be to appliqué a cat and a flower…


And where did all those points come from? And is my hand sewing always that bad?

During the week another day was taken out because I had a truly terrible toothache and most of the next day was lost to sewing because, having been given some antibiotics, I felt so much better I decided to hoover (possibly delirium brought on by excessive consumption of painkillers?) and I immediately put my back out!

Next week will be better, fingers crossed.

7 thoughts on “Bad Sewing Week :o(

  1. nerospostandpatch

    Hi Janine! Sometimes everything just goes wrong … but I love both of your mugrugs! Dogs are so wonderful and you had great idea to add the cat with a flower! And I don't mind about those points – they look like you have ment it to be like that!


  2. Janine

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I really appreciate them. I know in my heart the appliqué is not good but I'm determined that I won't be defeated. I'll practice and practice and one day newbies can look at that mug rug and have hope to persevere!


  3. Cindy

    I saw that mug rug in the flicrk group and immediately loved it! I think the two are just spectacular and you should be so very pleased with yourself!

    How's that back feeling today?


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