Chequer Board Quilt

1. Checkerboard quilt – finished.

This is the only thing I’ve actually sewn in the last couple of weeks although, for me, that’s been a lot of sewing! (I can’t get a picture of the whole thing without it dragging in mud). I’ve quilted it all over in straight(ish) lines (approximately) 1 inch apart. Of course, I would have liked for it to be perfect but this is my first quilted quilt and also my first bed sized quilt and, overall, I’m happy with how it’s turned out. I was hoping for sophisticated and elegant but I can live with the more homespun look :)

It’s also been a very good learning experience. In particular, I had a real struggle with quilting the centre rows as the quilt kept unrolling itself and trying to drag my poor little Sewist along the table with it so, at least until I’ve had more experience, I’m going to keep to a maximum of 60 inches wide and/or try quilting as I go.

2. Mug rug swap – fabrics selected for mug rugs and a few ideas about goodies. Some stalking done but I’m looking forward to visiting the flickr group more in the coming week.

3.Hex a long – no sewing but I’ve got an overall plan for the design/colours now so I should be able to get on with that more quickly now.

4. Farmer’s Wife – nothing done for ages but still some blocks waiting to be sewn.

Completed – 1
In progress – 3

10 thoughts on “Chequer Board Quilt

  1. Teje

    Hello! Your quilt is really beautiful! 'Less is more' again, simple pattern with favourite colours is great! I love your hexagons also and many other lovely things you make!


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