This Week’s (not) Sewing

I’m thinking I’d better post something because, although I always intend to be a good, regular blogger, somehow things keep getting in the way and now I’ve joined the Goodie Swap, organised by Cindy at Fluffy Sheep, I don’t want my fellow swappers to visit and get the impression I’ve abandoned my blog.

Because I like to grow all our veggies, this is a really busy time of year in the garden so I’ve been harvesting, chopping, freezing and stewing. Here is a selection of produce…

Here are the chicken eating apple peelings…
And here is the Checkerboard quilt.
To a seasoned quilter, I expect it looks as if I’ve made no progress this week and, a lot of the time that’s how it has felt. Last Friday, I nearly had a sewing evening but, having relocated to the dining table I found the fabric I had planned to use for the back was too small. Eventually I worked out a way of doing it by joining only two pieces but then, being a bank holiday weekend and not the greatest time to have literally yards of fabric trailing over the dining table, I had to pack it all up again. I have, eventually, got it all basted together with pins but it was a major feat. I don’t know how anyone manages to do a Kingsize! If anyone knows of any tutorials showing how to baste a large quilt, I’d be really interested to see one. I hope I’m back on course with this now it’s pretty much in one piece but I don’t want to speak too soon. Who knows what adventures sewing it all together has in store.
I’m certainly looking forward to getting it finished and moving onto the mug rugs.

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