Swap Goodies – finished!

Mug rugs and goodies for the Fluffy Sheep Swap finished – yay!

For Partner 1

Reversible mug rug – I really hope she likes it!

And the goodies…


I love this pin cushion – I think I might make an identical one for myself.


And this is a bonus rug mug. I won’t say who it’s for at the moment :-)
And for partner 2 …


Same covered diary and upside-downable pincushion but different fabrics. I really hope partner 2 likes these.


And the mug rug with the dreadful appliqué. I was thinking  of making another one but I ran out of time.


Anyway, now they are all on their way.
I’ve really enjoyed being part of this swap but I’ve also learned a lot. Mostly that I’m really out of practice at sewing. I hope neither of my partners is too exacting! Making things for partner 2 made me think outside the box and put together colours and fabrics I wouldn’t normally have used and I’m happy with all these from a design point of view although they could have been technically better. Researching for partner 1 has given me a much better idea of ‘modern quilting’ although I’m still not convinced I’ve completely got it. Overall the most important lesson from this swap has been not to spend too long worrying about what my partners will like but to get on and sew something and see if they comment. I’m feeling quite tempted to join another swap soon. I think these swaps might be addictive…

6 thoughts on “Swap Goodies – finished!

  1. Katie

    I am so in love with your terrier mug rug! I'm a proud owner of two different breeds of terriers, so I know I'm biased. :)

    After seeing all of these mug rugs popping up online, I think I may have to whip up a few for myself. They look like a good way to test out different and new techniques.


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