Fettling with Archie

This post is just a list of things I’m hoping to get finished this year. I’m linking up with Helen at Archie the Wonder Dog and, fingers crossed, that might help me keep on track…

The Sewing/Quilting List…Four Art Quilts for The Endeavourers Challenges (the one for February 1st is started) – An art quilt for my new grandson and one for my Granddaughters’ nursery – A bed quilt for my elder granddaughter. Some dresses for my granddaughters.

The knitting list…Two Christmas stockings (which should have been made this year!) to roughly match the two below – jumpers and cardigans for all and sundry.

The Miniatures List...The little Blue Shop and Pumpkin just need some finishing touches and Granny Square’s Caravan basically just needs wheels and a way to fasten the front on. The lighthouse needs a light and some general odds and ends. But the pub has a great deal to do and the other shops are just begun or not really started so there is a LOT to do.

The Random List…One christening cake and two (commissioned) wedding gifts.

Hopefully, I’ll get the cake and all the knitting and sewing done and make a reasonable amount of progress on the miniatures.

Good luck with whatever you are hoping to make this year :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

(The header image is from The Graphics Fairy)

3 thoughts on “Fettling with Archie

  1. Robin RK

    You are a busy person! With all your projects even partially done they look great. I want to learn how to do Felting to make different animals,etc. Do you recommend a book or blog to follow?


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