A Tale of Two Cupboards

The Trees are all showing off their new leaves and soon they will be so green we won’t be able to see the birds inside. Here is a peak of some little pigeons!

Some baby Pigeons in the oak tree

And here is a peak from the neverending shops project – an apothecary cupboard for the ground floor shop and a wool display for the Haberdashery upstairs.

For the apothecary cupboard, I wanted to have rows of matching jars but buying miniature jars en masse is expensive and, in any case, finding any small enough to fit into this dresser seemed to be impossible. I eventually settled on making them from a string of beads with tiny buttons for lids and labels from The Graphics Fairy printed scaled at 13%. I’m quite pleased with how they turned out, though I will try to find something more interesting to go on the bottom shelf.

And for the Haberdashery, I used a rather battered cupboard that came as part of a lot. I never really expected to find a use for it but it fits into a corner by the fireplace and I think painting it improved it quite dramatically. I think the wools actually looked better in their old cupboard but that didn’t fit well in the room.

Outside, Spring is springing at last. It’s my very favourite time of year with everything so fresh and new. Poppy, of course, loves to be out in all weathers but I’m really enjoying these warm (not too hot) sunny days. Hopefully they will stay a while…

I wish you a lovely week :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cupboards

  1. piecefulwendy

    Clever you, using beads for the bottles! How did you get those tiny little wools, though?! Looks like you and Poppy enjoyed a beautiful, relaxing walk. I’m waiting for warm weather and green leaves and flowers!


  2. Carol

    I just love the little jars and that they all match and that they were made from BEADS! How clever. I enjoy Spring too. I really do miss planting flowers. Alyssa planted herbs in a rock planter that it in the backyard. Something ate all the sprouts. We made the back yard animal proof so it must have been a bird or maybe a chicken. Too sad. I told her the only way we will have vegetables is if we put up a green house.
    xx, Carol


  3. hawthorn

    I hadn’t realised the jars were not jars but beads, I had to go back for another look – really clever!
    I do like the makeover of the wool cupboard – it has made it more contemporary :)


  4. kimsharman7440

    Your miniature cupboards and all the pretties they store just keep getting curiouser and curiouser…and fabulouser and fabulouser. =) How lovely Spring is in your part of the world. Pretty greens to be seen everywhere. Do you know I have never seen Poppy wet and muddy. Why, she is a ‘normal’ Springer Spaniel afterall. My Maisie says hi. =)


  5. soma @ InkTorrents.com

    So clever of to use bead for the jars. They look fabulous. The cupboard looks amazing after the painting. I do agree with you, the wools looked better in the blue one, but this new cupboard is a much better fit for the room. Lovely photos, I LOVE the first one. Poppy looks quite content :D



  6. Benta

    Both cupboards look great. Im reading a book at the moment, the lost apothecary, I’ve discovered it’s a word I simply cannot say😂. Brilliant salvage of the corner cupboards and the”glass jars” are very realistic!!!


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