But then I went to Chester…

Hello April!

What are you doing here again already?

My big plan is to make a parade of shops (ending with the Pub shown in my last post) but I keep running into seemingly intractable logistical issues.

The first shop in the row has ‘Lilly’s’ – an Apothecary and Florist – on the ground floor and a Dressmakers/Haberdashery upstairs and I have made some progress. I wanted to have the Apothecary at the back and the flowers at the front of the shop and I was very taken with the idea of having an arch to to create a partial division. Unfortunately, that was easier said than done and it took me the longest time. After a lot of fails I realised I could use this flexible ruler and it’s finally within striking of the effect I was hoping for. Then I realised I’d have to do the cornice and picture rail behind the wall with the arch first…

I had the weekend ahead of me and my optimism that I might actually live long enough to see this project finished returned, momentarily. But then I went to Chester.

I went with Mr RH because we were trading in his car and we decided to stay for a couple of nights (because it’s a long way from us) and, although I had been torn away from the Makery with some reluctance, I must say it was incredible. I’ve never seen such buildings! Beams, decorative wood and plaster work, carving, stained glass, ornate brick work and wrought iron…This slideshow captures a modest sampling of the glories:

I was sorry to leave but, as soon as I got home, I was determined to finish ‘Lilly’s’ without further delay. In the first picture below (taken from Dolls House Direct, where I bought the kit), you can see what it’s meant to look like. I bought it because I love the windows and I had, coincidently, already painted the outside white and the windows and door black but I really didn’t like the way the door was stuck onto the front so I had decided to set it a little further back.

A general logistical issue I had was that the front wall is shorter than the sides (photos 2 and 3). I realised this after the rest was stuck together and I planned to get around it by raising the bottom so when I found the way I had hacked the door made it marginally too high for the opening I was unperturbed and thought I would just cut out the little strip under the hole for the doorway. Then I realised that would make the windows different heights. They are going to have to be different heights upstairs or downstairs but I think the downstairs ones really need to be level.

Having been enthused by the grandeur and more-is-more style of those buildings in Chester, I think I’m going to commandeer the pillars from the amazing bargain dolls house and go for a grand entrance. I will have to raise the pillars and make a canopy but the photos below give an impression of what I have in mind. In order to fit on the pillars, I’ve had to add a strip to the side and an equal sized strip will have to be cut from the next door shop’s wall but I will beg someone more skilled with a saw to do that for me!

In the final logistical issue for the moment, the window openings are smaller than the windows so I will have to delay sticking the windows on until I’ve sorted out the door…

I feel my life was so much easier when I stuck to sewing and knitting.

Nevertheless, I think I should have a room ready to show by the weekend.

I hope all your projects are running more smoothly than mine :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

6 thoughts on “But then I went to Chester…

  1. soma @ InkTorrents.com

    The architecture in Chester is gorgeous. How could you not be inspired. Your building is going to look really amazing, Janine! Life might have been easier before but now it’s even more interesting. I am mucking with book binding and trying new ways, so I am in the same boat as you are :D



  2. kimsharman7440

    Oh wow, you were inspired by Chester, Janine. What gorgeous architecture, but then, take-your-breath-away architecture seems to be everywhere in England. Your designing and constructing your buildings looks amazing. Didn’t someone once say “Rome was not built in a day. =) I am quite sure that when your town is built we all will be gobsmacked. Just amazing!


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