Hello 2022!

I wish you a, very belated, Happy New Year!

* * *

Whilst January seems to have flashed by, New Year seems forever ago.

This my February quarterly offering for the Endeavourers Art Quilt Challenge and, having missed the blogland tradition of choosing a word for the year, I think I will adopt the message on back of this little sheep as my phrase for 2022.

Our Theme this quarter was ’emotions’ and it took me the longest time to think of anything to make. Then I came upon this phrase on pinterest and it stopped me in my tracks as I feel quite a range of emotions in response to this phrase depending how much I happen to believe it at the time.

I never specifically think that I’m getting older or that the time to accomplish all the miscellany of things I want to do is running out but, with continual work and family commitments, I certainly see time as my enemy. I start with plans to create things that seem modest enough but, after endless interruptions and scaling down of ambition, it is often a wonder that I get anything finished at all and it makes me sad to see another year gone by with so little accomplished. I also sometimes feel both sad and angry that women are still too often in jobs they are overqualified and underpaid for and juggling all that with the bulk of caring and household work. And I fear a time when I might look back on my life and think of all those hours cleaning…

On the other hand, I know I am NOT too old and it is NOT too late and that makes me happy and gives me the optimism and enthusiasm to start new projects and keep pressing on with works in progress in snatches of time here and there.

For the sheep, I cut the body shapes in thick cardboard and attached the fabrics, then sewed the back and front together adding the head, made from felt, and the bead legs, which have bells for feet.

I think should make her a hanging loop and put her on the wall in the Makery.

I’m not sure this qualifies as an art quilt as hardly any quilt ended up showing but she is a cheerful little creature and will be a good reminder for me.

I hope you will visit my fellow Endeavourers and see the amazing quilts they have made for this challenge.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

The Moon in the Pond

4 thoughts on “Hello 2022!

  1. Sharm

    I love your little sheep! The saying is quite relevant I think for those of us that are in our late 50’s and early 60’s who are still having to go to outside paid work to pay off mortgages and such and still dealing with household stuff, nightly dinners for the household, dealing the “problems” of our children who have left the nest (problems we all faced but seemed to get on with and manage), and helping to look to the needs of elderly parents …….. we often wonder “what about me and my goals etc etc” There are some things we might want to have accomplished that WILL need to get done sooner rather than later…….. or require us to manage our health and well being in order to have “good” years ahead! My word for 22 is Balance ………. hopefully without dropping all the balls lol Hugs Sharm


  2. Celtic Thistle Stitches

    I could definitely do with one of these sheep hanging on my wall Janine! I frequently come across fellow crafters selling off supplies that “they will never get around to using” and whilst I can absolutely understand the rationale it always seems a bit sad to me. My OH would take a very different view :)


  3. Benta

    Love the sentence (and the sheep!) and thank you for the reminder! I need something to remind me to say “no I can’t”. I’m lucky enough to have been able to mostly give up work but seen to have been sucked in to helping with lots of small village groups so I still don’t have the time for me that I’d hoped for!! Xxx


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