Wool on Sundays – 177 (Swallows, Bye bye…)

Welcome to another Wool on Sundays :)

The time of blackberries and apples is upon us again.

And whilst the hawthorn is a feast of berries for the over-wintering birds, the swallows are gathering on the telephone wires, lining up in the misty morning ready to set off for Africa.

I love the swallows above all birds. Spotting the first one in early Summer is the highlight of my gardening year and I never tire of their aerial acrobatics so, although I delight in seeing them all massing together, it is a sad moment.

It is, however, an easier time of year to get some knitting done and I have another finish. Another cardigan for Freya, this time following the Agnes pattern (free at garnstudio).

As and when she grows to fit into it, I will post another photo and I hope you will see it is not so dull and drab as it looks with this brown background, which was the only flat surface I could find to take a phone photos before giving it away.

Meanwhile, I am about to start on something altogether more colourful and I hope I will soon get back to blogging here more often than I have done of late.

I wish you a wonderful week with good weather and at leat a little crafting :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

7 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 177 (Swallows, Bye bye…)

  1. hawthorn

    ‘Our’ swallows evaporated sometime last week and with that I have a summer shaped hole inside of me – not helped by today’s weather which is rather damp and driech! Oh well, a good time to reach for the yarn and finish that hat I making for work. That cardigan looks beautiful – the marled look to the yarn is sublime 🤍


  2. Celtic Thistle Stitches

    Summer is sadly over here too Janine, but what a glorious summer we have had! I love the colours of Autumn so can’t complain even if it does mean that winter is not far behind. You are so talented with your knitting needles, that dinky cardigan is lovely!


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