Getting there…

I hope this post finds you safe and well. It seems that during this long blogless time, I have become an accidental, if not very skilled, miniaturist!

And I’m very happy to say I finally have something to show for all those long hours of watching paint dry – the inside of Granny Square’s new caravan is pretty much finished.

Mostly, she has her old furniture back with new paint but I also made her a custom made curved cupboard, which just needs handles, and a floral window seat where Orphelia is sitting, which can turn into a bed. I made these both from cardboard, which was very much easier than wood and I think I will try making more things with it in future.

Now it is done it looks as if putting it all together should have been a quick and simple task but, as it was, every step felt like a logistical feat!

Now I just need to work out the wheels and how to attach the front. I did think I could use magnets but so far that hasn’t worked out…

So for today, I’m just going to celebrate reaching this milestone :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

5 thoughts on “Getting there…

  1. Kim Sharman

    Oh my goodness!!!! Never has the watching of paint dry been so fascinating, Janine. I am sitting here, with my husband, and we are both transfixed as to the details of each and every element for all the world to see, inside Granny Square’s caravan. Why, I want to reach into my screen and ‘pinch’ one of those delectable cupcakes. Me thinks the strawberry iced one, if you please. I have no doubt that the putting together of each and every element was no simple task! Quite simply astounding! Gosh, you are a clever lady, Janine.


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