Something Different


With the evenings, drawing in, the leaves beginning to turn and the fruits and berries ripening, I can feel the great wheel of the year driving us steadily into Autumn – whether we are ready or not – and, although I should probably be finishing up my Summer Stitching, the pervasive sense of change in the air and the sky and the fields and the woods makes everything I’ve been doing these past few months seem, suddenly, a bit samey and dull. And I just been wanting to do something different. No grand plan. No specific different thing. Just anything different!

So, whilst I was taking some flowery garden photos for Wool on Sundays, I decided to take photos, too, of the things I never take photos of and I was surprised at the variety of pattern and texture we have about the place. Instead of trying to take ‘good’ or ‘nice’ photos, I just took honest photos. Clips of things just as they are. It was more an interesting thing to do than a great result but I put them into this mosaic, which I quite like, as my offering for this month’s Wandering Camera with Soma at Whims and Fancies. Should you be curious, you can click through the mosaic to see the individual photos, though I should mention that to see the mosaic you need to view my actual blog. If you are seeing this post in an email, I’m sorry, the photos will just be dumped anywhere in a big mess because that’s what happens to blog mosaics in emails :(

In the Makery, also, I’ve been switching things up a bit. After my little Improv Horse, last month, I thought I might make a sort of improv sampler and, to start, I tried using some improv curves to make tessellating fish – I can think of no end of uses for tessellating fish! They were not a huge success. Horribly baggy in places, though I think it could work with gentler curves or, maybe just more practice.


But I decided, instead, to make some with a seam allowance and to sketch up a rough plan for a wall hanging incorporating some improv elements but focused more on doing something different with simple shapes. So for my OMG this month…

…I’m going to try making blocks and setting them into the layout of the squares and rectangles underlying a Golden Spiral.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 11.43.11

In case you want to draw a Fibonacci spiral, the youtube video below has an excellent tutorial.

I am not planning, at the stage, to make the actual spiral in my quilt – just to make blocks in the proportion and layout of the ‘background squares. I will complete eight blocks (equating to 1,2.3,5,8,13,21 in the diagram above) and inspired by the sketch below but subject to variation.

If I have time, I might sew them together or even make more but my monthly goal is just to make the eight blocks.

Good luck with your goals this month.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

8 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Carol DeLater

    Ok, I’m interested in to see your spiral. I like the concept but the math is Greek to me, lol. There is a lot of dimension in the pics you randomly took. I admire you setting monthly goals. I hope I can do that soon. Right now I am just trying to get through each day with NO goal except I’m feeling like tennis balls being thrown toward me and it’s a good day if I can bat each one back, lol.
    xx, Carol


  2. soma @

    I loved reading the prose, and I really love your honest photos. They ARE good and nice photos, and I am glad you took them. Such a wonderful mosaic, so many lovely textures. Great that you liked making the little Improv Horse enough to want to make an improv sampler. The tessellating fish may be baggy, but I like the prints you are using. The sketch looks great, looking forward to seeing more.

    Thanks so much for linking up on Wandering Camera.



  3. Kim Sharman

    I love the way your clever and imaginative mind thinks, Janine. The mosaic of those ‘ordinary’ photos look fabulous all together; perhaps there is a wonderful stitching project there….just saying. Now about that Fibonacci spiral……..who knew there was such a thing….not I!! But then all things mathematics and geometry were (and still are) terribly difficult for me. It all looks fabulously complicated and cerebral. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.


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