I read somewhere, recently, that if there is an elephant in the room you should introduce it straightaway. So I should probably mention (though I fear bringing the wrath of quilt world on my head) that I have never loved improv. Whilst I’ll happily improvise and let projects evolve as they will, I like to have a plan and to work with precision…But the next quarterly theme for The Endeavourers – an Art Quilt group which I’m a member of – is ‘improv’.  So the bullet must be bitten.

Elm Street Quilts


And I have decided to link up with One Monthly Goal with the aim of completing a mini improv quilt this month to trial and error some techniques and see if I come up with any ideas for the Endeavourers challenge (which has to remain a secret until it is revealed on November 1st). And, who knows, perhaps I’ll even become an enthusiast!

I have collected together some low volume scraps and a collection of 1″ squares and 2″x 1/2″ strips that I was gifted a long time ago.


And during this month my goal is to make an improv mini quilt using any or all of the fabrics in this box.

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

8 thoughts on “OMG

  1. MiriamD

    What does this mean in practice? Do you just sew things together as they come and make a rectangular quilt of sorts or do you start out with a certain amount of fabric and you can only work with that and nothing else?


  2. Melanie

    I love that box picture. Just so fun – hope you have that when sewing and meeting your goal. Curious what it will be and if you find a theme or any idea inbetween :) Good luck!


  3. Carol DeLater

    Oh Geez….IMPROV!! Noun or Verb?? Which will it be. But I am going to put my own twist on this and yes, it will be scrappy. Doesn’t improv actually MEAN scrappy in the quilt world?? But I’m pretty sure we won’t all turn up with string quilts.
    xx, Carol


  4. soma @

    I would bring the wrath of quilting world on myself too as I don’t really like improv either. Just like you, I let the project evolve and change, but I also like to plan my work, at least the beginning part of it. I like your fabric choices and I am sure clever as you are you will do very well. I would end up planning my improv :)



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