Little bits of June

IMG_2893 2.jpg

Long, long ago – or so it seems, though it was really only until around the beginning of May – I used to blog here…

But since my blogging and, alas, crafting adventures seem confined to the hours of rain and darkness, and since we’ve been enjoying an unusually long spell of glorious weather with our lengthening days, I’ve only managed a little stitching here and there these past weeks.


The knitting lady still has no hair but now she does have a hat and large basket of wool, with which she seems quite content.

The garden has improved dramatically and will soon, I hope, start requiring less time.

And other bits and pieces of my Summer sewing are slowly coming together.


This is the longest day and, mindful of the Endeavourers Art Quilt deadline being just over a month away, I think I must set my stitching aside and start focusing on that  so I thought I’d stop by today and share some little bits of June.

I hope you are having a lovely Summer – or Winter if you have had your Summer already this year :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

8 thoughts on “Little bits of June

  1. Kim Sharman

    Love your sweet knitting lady….she has a sweet face. =) Your other embroideries are lovely too. Yesterday was the shortest day of the year down here…..the days can only get longer from hereon. =0 Seriously though enjoy those Summer June days. BTW your garden is looking fabulous.


  2. Carol DeLater

    Oh Gee, I LOVE that knitting lady so much! My June is frittering away. Too much rain, too many doc appts for Terry, too many sick relatives. BUT, for what time I have spent in my room, it has all been focused on my Spiral piece. I refuse to waiting for the last minute finish this quarter!!
    xx, Carol


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