Apples and an Autumnal Cardigan


‘Autumnal’ is one of my favourite words but one I’ve had little occasion to use this year so I have decided to include it in the name of my very recently finished cardigan. The months are spinning by at a shocking rate and the harvest is harvested and the apples are nearly over. But the golden days of a vintage-coloured October are nowhere to be seen. How very green it is all still looking!


And the cardigan, too, is green – dark olive – though it looks lighter and greyer in these photos.

I will give the technical knitting info in my next Wool on Sundays post (on November 5th).


In the meantime (unless, of course, you are on the other side of the world and enjoying Spring!) I wish you some Autumnal days before Winter sets in :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

14 thoughts on “Apples and an Autumnal Cardigan

  1. Kim Sharman

    Oh, what a beautiful cardigan, Janine! The pattern is quite gorgeous. How on earth do you whip up your woollies so quickly. I agree, Autumnal is a beautiful word…….but Spring perhaps, just a little bit better. =}


  2. Louise Hornor

    My goodness, what a lovely sweater! I love the curved shape of the front, although I’m not sure if there’s a technical term for that? Is it the front yoke? I’m not a knitter, so this looks like pure magic to me :)


  3. Kim Sharman

    Oh my, your cardigan, Janine is beautiful. Gorgeous pattern and style…and the yoke, beautiful! Wish oh wish I could knit as quickly as you. However do you manage it?? I concur, Autumnal is a beautiful word…..but Spring perhaps, is just a little better. =)


  4. Carol

    Your ability to knit such a wonderful sweater blows me away!! It is gorgeous! The trees in Northern Indiana USA are turning yellow then brown and leaves are blowing in the wind. Our colors are not too brilliant this year. A Lack of rain this summer and I guess our unseasonably warm September and October caused it as well. We had record rainfall in October. Broke the monthly record by the 20th. I hope that isn’t a sign of the amount of snow we will get this year.
    xx, Carol


  5. Sigrid Swinnen

    I love that cardigan, it’s amazing! And what a very cute cat you have ( he or she is also very autumnal – right for Halloween, just like my cats, they are all black!). The dog looks so sweet too.
    Lovely photos!


  6. Sandra :)

    We’re getting some lovely autumn days now, but winter isn’t far behind. Snow has already arrived in several areas of Canada (the earliest was in August. AUGUST! ouch!) but here, we’re still having very seasonal autumn weather :) I did see on the weather report on the weekend, that the kids can expect barely above freezing temps, and possibly rain, during trick or treating time tomorrow. At least there’s no snow forecast and the kids won’t have to wear snowsuits over their costumes! ;)

    Your sweater is very pretty (and a lovely shade of grey on my monitor :D) and feminine – perfect for fall, when it comes to your part of the world :D


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