Wool on Sundays – 125 (Hodge Podge Winter Cardy)


Welcome to Wool on Sundays :)

When the year is really beginning to feel its age and each day is passing by more quickly than the last, and when the nights are growing steadily longer and longer and the last of the Steam Rollers rattles and clanks away down the road to its well earned Winter rest, we look at each other and say, “Not long now before the cold weather comes.”


And it was on just such an evening, about a week ago, that Fiona told me Mrs Hare was making her a hodge podge bed, which was much warmer and more comfy than her real bed, and she had nearly finished it.


But when I mentioned this to Mrs Hare, and asked her what exactly a hodge podge bed was, she was very surprised and she said there had clearly been a misunderstanding. It was true, she said, that Fiona might have been sleeping in the wool box – perhaps even on her knitting – but it was actually the cardigan she was knitting for me (started in this post).


And she called it a hodge podge because it was cobbled together out of a jumble of things she had to hand, which, in the interests of ‘correct knitting’, really had no business whatsoever turning up in the same garment.

She used dk wool but used size 6mm needles to make it go further and she started with a chunky knit pattern (DROPS 129-9) but then decided it was a bit boring and switched to a yoke pattern from a child’s jumper (Prairie Fairy Jumper).

She knitted it bottom up, though, rather than top down.

For a fastening, she just sewed on a miscellany of black and near black buttons that she found around the house.

I’m very happy with how it has turned out. Tonight, there is a definite bite in the air and I can see myself living in my hodge podge cardy this Winter.

But, before it gets much colder, I think I had better make that hodge podge bed for Fiona :)

Do you have anything woolly to share this week?

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare


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9 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 125 (Hodge Podge Winter Cardy)

  1. Sandra :)

    As usual I have nothing yarny or wooly to post about (I’ll be as surprised as anyone the day I actually DO have something yarny or wooly to post about!) but I just wanted to say that if that sweater/cardi is considered “hodge podge” and “cobbled from a jumble”, then I say that hodge podge and cobbled from jumbles should be the standard by which yarny and/or wooly projects are measured because that sweater is PRETTY! I especially love that the buttons don’t match – the sweater knows they didn’t have to match, and seems to be showing them off with a gotcha! type grin :) And Fiona needs a bed. Just sayin’! ;)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim Sharman

    Oh my, Mrs Hare is a clever ‘bunny’! The hodge podge cardigan is lovely and how very stylish it is. Love the pattern and the colours. Do you think Mrs Hare could take a trip ‘downunder’ for a wee while??


  3. dezertsuz

    Oooh, what’s a steam roller? It sort of looks like the back of a gypsy caravan, in the picture. Love the sweater, and think everything in it belongs together. =)


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