Wool on Sundays – 108 (Yarn Bombing?)


Welcome to Wool on Sundays!

rainbowhareThis week I have a small finish, which I hope someone will find both beautiful and useful.

Although I think there is a place for simply decorative items and for purely useful ones, I am always trying to kill those two birds with one stone. And that brings me to to the question of yarn bombing.

I wonder, what do you think about yarn bombing? In the TED talk below, Magda Sayeg describes how she invented the yarn bombing phenomena that has swept the world.

I love the way she “did something interesting with knitting that had never been done before” and her message that everyone can create with their own hands but I’m a bit torn between thinking it’s a fun way to surprise and delight and thinking it takes a LOT of yarn. I think in my ideal world yarn bombs would be temporary installations and then get unravelled and given to amazing people like Maria and her friends to make into useful things like sweaters for people who need them…I notice that the next recommended TED Talk is called How I learned to stop worrying and love useless art. Perhaps I should watch that…

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare
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11 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 108 (Yarn Bombing?)

  1. Maria

    Your purse is gorgeous Janine! I love the video on Yarn Bombing..I had no idea how the phenomenon started so it made interesting viewing.


  2. Benta

    Yarn bombing looks great but I do wish it wasn’t so wasteful – such a lot of yarn going to waste where it could go to clothe homeless or families who struggle


  3. Sandra :)

    Your little kiss purse is adorable! My friend makes them with fabric (I can’t handle doing those little frames – they’re too small for my hands) :) As far as the yarn bombing – pretty, to be sure, but so wasteful … and after a while, with time and weather, it must get looking rather dreadful. My preference overall is practical first (washable, useful etc.), then pretty, then easy to make :D


  4. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    It’s a very beautiful purse, Janine! The blue looks so pretty along with the warm colours. I don’t think art always has to be useful, but yarn bombing does feel a bit wasteful to me since it takes so much material and time that can be used for better purposes.



  5. Carol

    Well, I think my mind works like yours..I love to see the yarn bombing fad, but also find it to be a waste of yarn that could be used so much more effectively. I like the idea of hanging scarves and mittens in plastic bags in the trees for the homeless to take them as needed..or anyone else for that matter. I know people that do art journals and I think “what will you do with it but set it on a shelf”. My left and right brain battle all the time.

    I love love love this little purse. Did you design the pattern? I love the shape so much. And the two color side as well.
    xx, Carol


  6. Kim Sharman

    Your little purse is gorgeous, Janine. “Somebody” is going to love it…..I know I love mine. =) As for yarn bombing, I love seeing things, when out and about, clothed in colourful woollies. It brightens the landscape. Is it wasteful…..probably, but surely we can have a happy medium


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