Musical Crosses

I was recently commissioned to make a cushion for a couple who are getting married at the end of August.

The only information I had available was that they are both very musical and one of them works for the red cross. So I decided to make a + quilt/cushion keeping to a black/white/red palette and including some musical fabrics and one red red +. Really, I had been hoping for a more low volume effect than this and I’m regretting including the piano keys in the + side.

But the people who requested are happy so I’m happy!


And I’m especially happy because it’s finished well before the deadline, which is virtually unknown around here, and because it’s my second Friday Finish in a row :)


Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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12 thoughts on “Musical Crosses

  1. Sandra :)

    Those fabrics are fantastic – piano keys included! I think the prints work well together in that design – the piano keys seem to be saying “Hi – I'm here doncha LOVE me?” as they play with the other prints – then the red cross jumps up for her turn and says “Yes, it's ME – I made it to the party and I'm the star!!” :) Sometimes we get too matchy matchy/safe, and then we need a dash – or two – of fun :) I think you did a great job on the pillow – congrats on getting it done before deadline – most of us know how hard that is, LOL!


  2. Celtic Thistle

    It is lovely Janine, I know what you mean about the piano key fabric but it doesn't detract from the overall effect at all. I find low-volume a difficult feat to pull off a lot of the time but I think you have definitely captured the spirit of it here, and your recipients are happy with your make so win-win :)


  3. Kim

    I love the piano keys. I love how they jump out at you, together with the red cross. They provide a lyrical, musical highlight to your lovely cushion. I am not surprised at all the couple are happy with this fun cushion. A perfect finish, Janine.


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