My biggest sewing project – finished!

It seems like a long time since I’ve linked up Friday sewing finishes but this week I have finishes. 
I’ve come to end of my biggest ever sewing project – something that has taken me about half a year but that I have not yet blogged much about. In the Spring, Demetria from RJR Fabrics, kindly sent me a collection of the beautiful Home Sweet Home fabrics by Dan Morris. She asked me to use them to make some of my Vintage Caravan Sewing Machine Covers (pattern in my etsy shop) and I made three…

Then I was asked to re-do the tute using Home Sweet Home fabrics (by Dan Morris), to be included in a Craftsy kit (I will update when I have details of when this be be available) and that meant I had to make another caravan. So I made one, this time using a sample of Soft and Stable, which was kindly sent to me by ByAnnie with the request that if I loved it as much as they do I would recommend it. The Soft and Stable was very easy to sew and made the construction much easier and, whilst I was very unsure about whether it would be stable enough for the cover to be self supporting, once it was all sewn up I found it was just as rigid as the three layers of batting without the manhandling of all that wadding through the machine. So I’m very happy to recommend Soft and Stable.

Finally, I put together a new tutorial for the kit

And last but not least, I have finished some Bee Blocks.

Now I’m looking forward to starting some new sewing projects :)

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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18 thoughts on “My biggest sewing project – finished!

  1. Mr. Briggs

    When I saw the top caravan I thought perhaps it was the size of like a child's play structure. That would be an interesting project! I like the way you've shown how different fabric combinations can create a variety of outcomes. Thanks for sharing. I'm visiting from TGIFF. :)


  2. Celtic Thistle

    Janine those caravans are fabulous! Interested to read your opinion of the Soft and Stable, I have seen it recommended several times for bag making but have yet to purchase it myself, perhaps I will now :)


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