A glimpse…

Looking back, I notice that the post where I said I was making a Makery was dated 1st April, so you might have thought it was an April fools joke. 
But really I was quite serious. I was gong to show it when it’s finished but, today, I decided to share a glimpse. Yesterday I did a marathon organising and now the top drawer of my desk makes me smile every time I open it :)

some beautiful vintage threads, which I was very lucky to receive recently
and a miscellany of old threads in colours

and neutrals
and a start on the buttons
Happy Sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

7 thoughts on “A glimpse…

  1. Catherine

    I love vintage bobbins of thread. I bought a few boxes on eBay last year, all in good condition. I love seeing photos of crafting rooms so hurry up with the Makery!


  2. Benta AtSLIKstitches

    That first pic looks like a poster – would be perfect for my wall!!! I have my threads sorted by make, it's a ridiculous OCD as I much prefer looking at them by colour, but such is life (buttons are by colour: half s dozen large glass jars; red, blue, green, yellow, pink&purple, brown&black and White! I think I need to put more effort into keeping a clear work space and less into obsessing about threads and buttons !!!!


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