Granny Square’s Hair – A Picture Tutorial

The threads mark the centre of the face (the horizontal thread is the eyeline). The pin marks centre point for hair.



Crochet chain pinned to mark hairline (front)
Crochet chain pinned to mark hairline (back)


Stitch crochet chain to head


Stitch a loop under the place the bun will go with sewing thread (above but not very clear – sorry!)



Using a long piece of yarn, work around sides and back of head stitching through loop and crochet chain.
Bury ends of yarn in head!


For the hair front work from side to side, passing hair through yarn on crown of head as shown, below (or make another loop if preferred).





For fringe (bangs?) draw a long length of yarn through head and emerging in centre front, as shown.




Continue working yarn as shown.







For bun, wind yarn around two pencils (or similar depending on the size of your Granny) and the bind this with a lengths of yarn as shown below.




Secure bun to Granny’s head :)






Do contact me if you have any questions…

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

18 thoughts on “Granny Square’s Hair – A Picture Tutorial

  1. Claire Earley

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, it's always the hair that lets me down when I knit dollies '~) Now I have a good image base to learn from Thank you. You really should publish a book Janine as many people have mentioned before, it would be a fantastic way of getting young ones to take up & learn knitting, this one could be about Granny Square going to the hairdressers '~)


  2. Kim

    This is the best tutorial. I would never have thought to sew a crochet chain to the head to stitch the 'hair' through….that is very clever! Gorgeous step by step photos!


  3. Veronica Hill

    This tutorial is brilliant. Thank you for sharing. I don’t have a blog, only a page on Facebook of which is the same as the beginning of my email address.
    I will definitely use this tutorial on my Tilda dolls..


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