Around the World Blog Hop

Welcome to Rainbow Hare for my stop on the Around The World Blog Hop!

First of all, I’d like to thank the lovely Rachel from mamafairy sews for inviting me to join this hop. Rachel is a great sewing inspiration and, if you missed it, I very much recommend you to visit her post here and learn a new word, which is sure to come in useful. Rachel has sent me a few questions:

1. What am I working on?

My biggest on-going project at the moment is my Granny Square series. So far there are three stories and two related patterns. Here is a sneak peek of the Autumn Story, which is coming soon…

Purl is trying to teach Knit how to do the backstroke

..My hope was to do a story accompanied by a pattern and/or tute each month but, unfortunately, it has become a more ‘as-and-when’ project. I have several plans for more stories and patterns but it’s a struggle to find time.

I’m also in the middle (ok, before the middle) of knitting a pair of socks and a jacket.

And, sewingwise, I’m about to begin a new bedsized quilt – although, so far, I am only at the fabric auditioning and trying to reclaim my sewing space stage..

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

A year ago, I thought of Rainbow Hare as quilting/sewing blog but, as far as keeping to a genre goes, I have a tendency to veer off topic. I easily become sidetracked into cloth dolls, felt creature…

…and fabric picture making…

Old Man and the Sea
…and, this year, I have worked more on yarn projects than sewing…
The Flowerful Blanket
Rainbow Blanket

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I create because I just love making things and textiles are my go-to medium. I blog because I enjoy and value the connection with other bloggers. I hardly know any makers of things in real life and I really appreciate the friendship, inspiration and encouragement of the blogging community.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Who knows! I get an idea from somewhere and ponder on it a lot without seeming to accomplish anything. Then I don’t get started for ages. Then one day I begin and, once I’ve got started, I can’t make anything else until it’s finished. All of my UFOs and abandoned makes come about from the single cause of losing momentum in the middle of a project. At first everything seems to be not working out or I think ‘everyone will think this is really stupid’ and I feel like abandoning it (but I call that the getting-worse-before-getting-better stage).

A classic getting worse and worse stage!

After that I stop trying to control the project and sometimes the next step seems obvious but often things keep going wrong/unexpectedly. Once I get to that stage, though, I enjoy the problem solving aspect and I’m not really concerned about the end result – just the thing I am literally working on at that moment. Then sooner or later (often sooner than I expect) I realise it’s finished. I’m always hoping to find a way to cut out most of those steps…


If you’ve read to here, thank you very much for your patience!

I hope that you have because this is where I announce next week’s ‘around the world’ bloghopper. I’m delighted to tell you next Monday, Teresa from Crafty Bags will be hosting. Teresa is a very talented crafter and you can find a wonderful variety of bags and other handmade items on her blog and in her shops. I always admire her colourful makes and she was my biggest inspiration to start crocheting this year.

Happy Making!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

15 thoughts on “Around the World Blog Hop

  1. Wendy

    I love all your work and have no problem with you going through phases on your blog, I love to see what you're working on.

    I had a thought about your little knitted characters and stories – have you thought of writing a children's book using photos of the characters, the same way you do here, to make stories for children? I think it would go down a storm.


  2. Kim

    Oh my….so many gorgeous makes in this post! So, so happy that you “veer of the subject”, it makes for a delightful read and such excitement to see what clever creations are in the works! I love the diversity of all the pretties that your clever mind dreams up. Love, love, love your fabric picture making and I secretly covet your flowerful blanket!!


  3. Soma Acharya

    Such beautiful makes, all of them are my favourites. I love the diversity. I was thinking about the story just last night, wondering if I had missed it. You have a huge fan here :)



  4. Willit Neverend

    Great overview. It's nice to see your range of talent all in the one place. I think your picture quilts are awesome. Please don't ever stop working on something because you think other people will think it's stupid.


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