Wool on Sundays – 35 (socks in a box)

This has been quite a hectic weekend – if you read my last post I hope you will understand – and I forgot it was Sunday until a couple of hours ago. Then I found my computer was out of charge and the charger was mislaid…

But it is still Sunday so welcome to Wool on Sundays 35 and thank you very much to everyone who continues to link up and comment on these weekly yarn themed posts. I really do appreciate your visits and enjoy keeping up with what everyone is making.

This week I started some toe up socks to give myself something to do whilst puppy watching. Now I’m going to be puppy and cat watching I think I may need something that doesn’t require keeping track a pattern at the same time…I’ll certainly need some kind of pick-up-put-down project to preserve my sanity!

I’d certainly welcome any suggestions :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare


10 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 35 (socks in a box)

  1. Kim

    Love your toe up socks. I love the red and white combination and the pattern is gorgeous. You will have to keep your knitting and wool away from those little furry friends of yours.


  2. Nita

    I have always wanted to knit toe up socks, and even bought two books of toe-up patterns. But do you think I can figure out the instructions for casting on? Argh! One day I'll spend time on YouTube looking for a tutorial.


  3. Benta AtSLIKstitches

    Those are amazing! The colours and the request for pick up put down projects ( plus the cold weather) reminded my of my grandmothers sock basket: her house. ( in Bergen, Norway) was cold and draughty most of the year. She had a wicker basket by the front door with wool socks for visitors (*everyone*. Takes shoes off at the front door in Norway, or certainly did when I was a child). The the socks were all knitted (as best I can remember) in a mottled grey wool and the last. / first (?) row at the ankle was done in a colour so you had an idea what size to look for! She gave me my own pair when I was 13 and I still wear them as slipper socks. When they wear thin I darn them – the bottoms have so many different colours from all the repairs, but I love them more than all the replacements I've bought / been given over the years! Sorry what a ramble! But my PUPD suggestion is plain loose fitting slipper socks xx. ( although as a non knitter I have no idea whether they would be a PUPD project !!!!) x


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