I wasn’t in the least expecting to have a spaniel or a Friday Sewing Finish this week (although I do have a crochet finish) but because we have two cats coming to live with us we thought we’d better get a puppy.

To elaborate a little, my eldest daughter is coming back to live with us and bringing her two cats and a rabbit. I initially thought it would be a good idea to let the cats settle and get a puppy in the spring but then we decided that it would be better to get one now and get the whole business of increasing the menagerie and persuading them all to get along together over with in one go.

Then, because I went into a shop to buy freezer bags for a year’s worth of soup I made with vegetables from the garden whilst puppy watching and they didn’t have any freezer bags but did sell pet blankets I bought one one instead.

Then, because I have never got around to recycling these fabric trimmings and some unusably hideous pieces of polyester curtaining that came in a scrap bag (with some very nice linen) I decided to make a puppy bed and use them for stuffing.

And here it is!

And here is Poppy with Sebastian :)
Happy Sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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22 thoughts on “Because…

  1. Sandra :)

    Hi Poppy – hi Sebastian!! Your puppy bed is cute – using up bits and pieces of scrap bits (the ones we don't save for sewing, that is!) is a great way to stuff the beds – I've made many of them for the local animal shelter, and they're always well received :D


  2. Kim

    Ooooh I love spaniels. Your Poppy is just too darn cute. You know that Poppy will need to have a beautiful crochet blanket to keep her warm!! Oh….and wonderful bed by the way!


  3. Cille

    I love spaniels too – they are just the best dogs and the bed is totally perfect. But… I'm wondering why you didn't get a goldfish too now that you were at it ;)


  4. Soma Acharya

    Ooooo New PuPPyyyyy!!! The reason you ran out for freezer bag is so that you could go to the store, get the pet blanket and make Poppy a bed, which she clearly loves!! Poppy is adorable, Janine!! Have fun with the new puppy and the kitty additions to the family :)

    -Soma x


  5. pennydog

    Ahhh Poppy is so cute! Hank LOVES quilts and respects handmade so I hope she will too. He destroys everything that is his otherwise though. Seriously I need an increased overdraft just for toy replacement. Good luck oh fellow brave puppy wrangler. I can recommend wholeheartedly the facilities at a good kennels for tiring them out too, well worth the money- Hank has been away for three days and came home yesterday yet I am still having a GREAT day!


  6. Afton Warrick

    Poppy is absolutely adorable. I might be tempted, if I weren't so allergic. The two cats would do me in worse though. As you might have guessed, there's no menagerie here. But I digress…Great idea for scraps that wouldn't work out too well in other applications. You are certainly resourceful.


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