Welcome to MAKING CHRISTMAS, 2013, WEEK 8.

Thank you, again, to everyone who is joining in and linking up with making Christmas. Only 25 sewing days to go until Christmas – here at least. Depending where you are in the world Santa might be paying you a visit even sooner! The Pinterest board gets more and more inspiring every week and everyone is making fab progress with their lists. Here are a couple of things that caught my eye today. I’m hoping that clicking on the pictures will take you to the right blog post:

This week MAKING CHRISTMAS is being hosted by the lovely ERIN from Missy Mac Creations. Erin has a really fun tute with a free pattern. It’s sure to put a smile on your face and I guarantee you will be wanting to make Erin’s project with your children, and/or for your children, for years to come. Whilst you’re there, as usual, don’t forget to link up with your updated lists and your makes. Every time you link up you’ll get another entry for the randomly drawn prize and I’m only pinning to the Pinterest board from posts that have linked up :)

I have two finishes this week but having, cleverly, managed to have four of my five children between 3rd November and 30th December this is also Birthday season in our family and it’s my eldest daughter’s birthday today, Sadly, I won’t be seeing her today but I’m really hoping her gift will arrive in this morning’s post (I would have finished it sooner but I had to order one more ball of wall than the pattern had stated). If not, I’ll have to wait until next week to show it.

My other finish is this doll. There are some more pictures here. I’ve somehow fallen into a knitting addiction, lately, and I’m hoping this combined project will kick start my sewing mojo again!

So here is my updated list:


Crow ornaments for Halloween – 3 FINISHED
Finish felt bird and heart decorations
Rainbow Hare Rolls – 4 FINISHED
Pouches – 5 FINISHED
Cushion Covers – 2 FINISHED
Something to be decided with my son’s logo on
Knitted Scarf – FINISHED
Knitted Shawlette – started and undone… and re-started
Wall Quilt – added FINISHED
Secret Gift – added FINISHED
Tea Towels – added 4 FINISHED
Felted knitting mittens – added 2 PAIRS FINISHED
Winter Doll- added FINISHED
Birthday Gift – added FINISHED

See you at Missy Mac Creations

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

6 thoughts on “MAKING CHRISTMAS, 2013. Week 8.

  1. Celtic Thistle

    An impressive amount of ticks on your list Janine. I am loving how this Link up is helping to keep me on track, although the 25 days left is a bit scary looking at the amount of things left to do on my list !


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