Welcome to MAKING CHRISTMAS, 2013, WEEK 5.

Thank You to everyone who linked up last week. I’m featuring a couple more makes, today, from the Pinterest board, which is really starting to fill up now with some brilliant makes :)

Fabulous Quilt finish from Rebecca
Amazing Lace from Jaqui
Fun Fish from Elizabeth
This week MAKING CHRISTMAS is being hosted by the very talented SOMA from Whims and Fancies. Soma has a wonderful tute for us, today. It’s a pattern than be easily adapted and will make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone you can think of or a useful item for yourself!

Whilst you’re there, don’t forget to link up with your updated lists and your makes. Every time you link up you’ll get another entry for the randomly drawn prize and I’m only pinning to the Pinterest board from posts that have linked up :)

Here is my updated list:


Crow ornaments for Halloween – 3 FINISHED
Finish felt bird and heart decorations
Rainbow Hare Rolls – 4 FINISHED
Pouches – 5 FINISHED
Cushion Covers – 2 FINISHED
Something to be decided with my son’s logo on
Knitted Scarf – FINISHED
Knitted Shawlette – started and undone…
Wall Quilt – added FINISHED
Secret Gift – added FINISHED
Tea Towels – added 4 FINISHED

I’ve made a couple of cushion covers from some ufo cross stitch pieces I made long ago and some fabrics from a home dec scrap bag I bought for £5…

…and I made some tea towels from the same scrap bag fabric. They’ll replace some old ones which have got very shabby and make our house a bit more presentable for Christmas visitors

How are you getting on with your list?

See you at Whims and Fancies :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

13 thoughts on “MAKING CHRISTMAS, 2013. Week 5

  1. Doodle

    I like your pillows! Especially that red snowflake one. :) Way to go on your list! This Making Christmas thing has been super encouraging for me so thank you for starting it. (and psst… my name is Elizabeth and not Kristan) Have an awesome week!


  2. Sandra :)

    Brilliant makes indeed – what a fabulous collection of goodies – the fish – OMG THE FISH! And yes, I agree with Vera – how DID you do the dish towels so they hang from the stove handle?! Is it a doubled loop you stitched to the side so the towel itself can be threaded through it … ?? So cute!


  3. Soma Acharya

    Thank you so much for inviting me! I have been pulling out blocks from my finished stash lately and finishing projects with them. Your cushions look so pretty, love the bright colors. And look at your list, you are almost done!



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