I have some quick, happy coloured finishes – yay!

But this has been my real WIP this week.

I feel like I’ve spent nearly every waking moment knitting. I was lucky enough to win the Refraction Shawlette pattern in a giveaway hosted by Nat at Made in Home – You can see Nat’s beautiful version here – But although I’ve got a fair way into the pattern and blocking may help, I’m still thinking it would be nicer knitted on larger needles and in blue/ green/ aqua colours…For some reason I always struggle with making things in grey and I find it really depressing, although I’m happy enough wearing it…

So, this evening, I decided to take a break and sew something. Last week, I bought a bag of home dec offcuts for £5. It was impossible to see what was inside properly but I did manage to spot a piece of beach hut fabric (apologies for the terrible photo) so I decided to risk it and hope that at least some of it was usable. And, to be honest, some of it is very thin and shiny and synthetic and some is very like an old carpet and heading for a charity shop or recycling. But there is enough of the beach huts for a couple of wash bags and pouches. There’s also quite a bit of stiff cotton – mostly with a hideous red lily design – which I used to back the bird organiser (with plenty more left over). There’s something that looks like linen but which I suspect isn’t which shrank a lot when I pre-washed it all and there are a few miscellaneous ‘maybe’ cotton prints which could easily have hung about in my stash for years. So, this evening I decided to make some of the ‘maybes’ into tea towels to replace our current ones, which have seen better days. And, although I wouldn’t have chosen those fabrics, they’ve quite brightened up the kitchen :)

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare
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12 thoughts on “WIP

  1. Cille

    Sometimes the scrap bags are great, sometimes they're not… But for $5 you did very good :) Your tea towels are great. I'm corious about the way the hang. How have you made the button-thingy?


  2. Susan Owenby

    That's so cool! Isn't it funny how some things we would have “never chosen” find their way into our world and become pretty much the exact right thing? Guess sometimes we just have to go where the art takes us huh?


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