Circle Applique Tutorial

This is a very quick and simple, no bells and whistles, circle applique tute requiring nothing but fabric, scissors, needle, thread and a piece of card – a cereal packet is perfect – and a glass/bowl/plate to draw around. I’m posting it, here, because several people have asked me how I do my dresden centres.

Step 1. Cut one circle the size you want your circle to finish at from card and one circle about 1/2″ bigger all round from fabric.
Step 2. Tie a knot in your thread and sew around your fabric circle with a running stitch. Lay your card on top of your fabric, pull the stitches tight and secure firmly.
Step 3. Press VERY hard to get a good edge to your circle.

Step 4. Cut through a stitch. .

Step 5. Ease out your card template (the yellow stripes are the back of my fabric).

Step 6. Press carefully around the crease created by your pressing in step 3. Pin to your background fabric and secure with your preferred applique method.

17 thoughts on “Circle Applique Tutorial

  1. Laura

    It looks great! have you seen Sarah Fielke's foil method? It involves wrapping the whole thing in foil rather than tacking, then pressing the hell out of it. I haven't tried it yet but it's on the list :)


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