Rainbow Hare Rolls in Collage


But if you’ve already linked up your list of things you’d like to make before December 25th, I’ll show you my latest Rainbow Hare Rolls.

I don’t usually do fabric posts but when I saw the Collage line  by Carrie Bloomston for Windham fabrics I decided to buy a couple of yards because I thought the Newsprint fabric would be perfect to use as borders on my Texting in Bed Bee Quilt  – which is going to need very big borders if I don’t soon make some more blocks!

some texting in bed blocks

Then I saw the other prints in the line and I was very tempted. But I, mostly, resisted and just bought 3/4 yard of the bird prints in taupe and off white and 1/2 yard of the one that has strips of newsprint on a teal background. And then I nearly didn’t sew anything with them. I kept thinking I couldn’t think of anything to make with them but really I just didn’t want to cut them up because I sometimes get beset a random idea that fabric is to be treated like gold dust and I’m in grave danger of ruining it! So I told myself that’s a ridiculous idea and I plunged in and made some Rainbow Hare Rolls. In case you haven’t seen this fabric in real life these rolls use 1/2 width of the bird prints and the other 1/2 width has no birds on it – just spots.

These rolls measure 20 ¾” X 10 ½” unrolled and have two 10” X 10” zipped pockets + one 20” X 10” pocket that runs behind and I’ve used the Newsprint for the binding and ties.

And now I’ve cut into it I’m loving using this fabric and I can think of about a million things I’d want to make with it!

But for now I’m putting these in my fledgling etsy shop and getting back to my holiday themed makes :)

Do you ever put off cutting into fabrics or do you just jump in?

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

20 thoughts on “Rainbow Hare Rolls in Collage

  1. pennydog

    I didn't think I really like collage, but I know now that I do, these are so sweet. Yes I put off cutting into fabrics but then they get “old”which isn't conducive for writing magazine tutorials as people like to know where to get the fabrics from so I'm trying to be tougher about it!


  2. Laura

    Looks lovely! love that fabric. I used to be scared of cutting into fabrics but I've had very few accidents so now I leap right in… I have to wait for it to 'talk' to me first to be honest, and tell me what it wants to be… :)


  3. Soma Acharya

    Oh yes, there are some fabrics I don't want to cut into until that special project that makes the angels play the harp and sing as I am cutting the fabric ;)

    Your rolls are beautiful!! I had a good laugh out of your statement about the Texting in Bed Bee Quilt :)

    Have a great weekend, Janine!
    -Soma :)


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