Really random Thursday!

Are you going to enter the Holiday Memories Quilt competition over at Celtic Thistle Stitches?

I’ve been trying to get some stitching finished to make a cushion for it but I’m suspecting I’ll never get it finished so I thought I’d change tack. And I’ve been struggling because, although I loved the holiday season this year with our fab Summer weather (I never expected I’d write that!), I haven’t been able to think of anything very interesting or original to make.

I eventually decided to kill two birds with one stone and use this scrappy dresden I made earlier in the year, which has the colours of the sea, here in the UK (the photo below shows the colours more accurately).
I have been trying to get a photo of flying gulls all summer,without much success, and I was going to applique some gulls and cover the hole in the middle but I couldn’t find much enthusiasm for it. I suppose that’s the trouble of holidaying in your own country – there’s not a lot of novelty value and it’s hard to think of images that aren’t stereotyped…
So I decided to cut the hole again and bind the centre and edges. Then, I was thinking about how art books always say that if you get stuck you should try changing perspective and at last I had an idea of what to do with it, although I still can’t decide whether it’s a good idea or just a silly one and I don’t quite know how I’m going to manage the next stage.

Here are some pictures of the memory I’m thinking of using…

All these boats – and literally hundreds more boats,

And all these people (and hundreds more people,

Were here to watch the Bournemouth Air Show.

It was a spectacular event, during which I took lots of pictures of the sky. I can’t really account for why, having failed to photograph a flying gull ever, I thought I’d manage an air show.

But I’m thinking that for this person,

And the person flying this plane in loops,
Perhaps the ground looked a bit like this…

I’m secretly hoping that, although it’s Thursday, this post isn’t too random but I’m linking up with Cindy for Really Random Thursday anyway :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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