No flimsy excuse!

Today, we visited our local castle

We walked around the gardens
And saw a parade – this is Flora

And a battle re-enactment

I didn’t manage to get good photos of them because it was very crowded but you can see more on England’s Medieval Festival Facebook page

There was also dancing and archery and music and puppeteers and jesters and tents and birds of prey and, apparently, the largest medieval market in Europe (perhaps the only one?)




But the highlight of the day was the jousting!




And is the unicorn top finished?

Well, no – but not because I was at a Medieval Tournament!
After two weeks of trying for a flimsy as a Friday Finish, I’ve decided to make it a QAYG (encouraged by Nicky and Pat – thank you both for your helpful advice). I’ve almost finished quilting so now to get it all sewn together…
Wishing everyone a happy week,
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

11 thoughts on “No flimsy excuse!

  1. Susan Owenby

    “our local castle” So cool! We don't have things like that here. We do have ren faires with cos-play and medieval skits. I think those folks would just about die for a castle (I would consider giving up a toe :) )

    Looks like a great day!


  2. Scrapatches

    The QAYG is looking wonderful!

    Thanks for the interesting visit to the castle. “Medieval Faires” are a big thing in my part of the USA in the fall. We went to one years ago with my then teenage daughter when she and a group of her friends wanted to go. People like to dress in costume. These do include “jousts.” No real castles to enjoy, though, on my side of the pond … :) Pat


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